Question from WolfieHerrera

Why isn't my game loading?

Well, I was playing it yesterday, and it froze on me. So, I had to reset it, and now the loading screen isn't loading. The picture's moving, words changing, and music is playing. I waited for over an hour, and still didn't load. Is it my game or my PS3? If my game, I hope I don't have to start from the beginning again.


bluemoon1 answered:

It froze, it has happened to me. Normally after resetting from another freeze. Just restart it again and it should load a previous save if not it could be your actual disk, or worst case your entire save file. But in this case your PS3 isn't damaged.
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soulcaliplaya42 answered:

You should check your saved data utility to make sure it isnt corrupted data. You might have played too long and your PS3 overheated. My game only ever freezes on the loading screen if i have been playing for too long or i have too much data saved. If it happens again, i say check with a previous save (before the one that you have been trying to load) to see if it does it again. I'll check back incase you might need a different answer.
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