Question from silverzgreen

Asked: 3 years ago

Is it possible to get a dog?

There are dogs all over the place and are featured in the loading screens as well. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can get one as a companion like in Fallout 3.

Accepted Answer

From: Intimidator723 3 years ago

There are three dogs you can get. Vigilance, a war dog you purchase from Banning at Markarth Stables for 500 gold. Meeko, a dog found in the wilderness close to Meeko's Shack, in Hjaalmarch. And finally the Stray Dog being attacked by wolves in random world encounter.

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Yes there is.

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Yes there is. On my way to the first town I found 2 wolves attacking a Stray Dog, The dog started following me after we killed the wolves. Talking to it gives the option to either Stay/follow or Dismiss it.

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