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Asked: 3 years ago

Bleak falls barrow puzzle?

Ok i cant figure out how the hell to rotate the pillars in the room with the caged door to get passed it are they actually for anything if so whats the order its starting to piss me off lol or is there someone in one of the towns i talk to that tells me how to do it

Additional details - 3 years ago

thanks i figure it out abit after asking haha it was like ohhhh u serious DUHHHHHH lol thanks again

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From: osricjm 3 years ago

Look at the monuments above the caged door, one of the monuments has fallen. You should be able to match the pillars to the monuments above the door

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Above the door you see the pictures, one snake & to the bottom left of the lever is the other snake torn off the wall, & what looks like a rat at the last panting

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Snake first then the two above the gate are pillar 2 & 3.

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