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Asked: 3 years ago

How much magicka should i need?

What is a good amount of magicka to have? Or what is the least amount of magicka i would need too cast the highest level spells without perks? I should be able to make a good choice with that info.

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Thanks for the advice. I am power leveling my character and plan on enchanting items so it costs nothing to cast certain spell colleges so i just don't want to waste any points in magicka if it isn't necessary.

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Alright to cast the high level spells i will have to put perks in the college which they belong to right? Here is a better way to ask how much health will i need? that way i know to dump the rest in magicka. Is stamina really worth putting any in? I use respite so stamina hasn't been an issue and i don't think i need to carry a bunch of junk. I am lv28 and have 16 perks saved up at the moment plus i am going to enchant items so it won't cost me anything to use restoration spells so wards shouldn't be a problem. I have no set skill focus i am making a character who can adapt to any situation and so far i can beat just about anything down just blocking using shield bash and healing with respite. PS. on morrowind and oblivion i made characters that had completely maxed out stats and skills so i know what i am doing.

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Whoops! i just realized i was thinking about this the wrong way and my question is pointless. DURP

Accepted Answer

From: jhonel83 3 years ago

I think investing in magica not only increases you mana pool but also regeneration and your damage/duration with the spells. This is the drawback to having no stats -you'll never know. Tha games has been dumbed down, so kids can play it too, unfortunatelly. Basically you go by trial and error -you keep putting points into magica untill you can cast your spell if you just want the buffs (eg. barkskin) or just pouring them if you want to play a mage. Their spell wards can drain your magicka reserve VERY fast, and you want to cast a spell more then once, right?

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