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Asked: 2 years ago

Forsworn heart?

Trying to repair the white phial and I need a forsworn heart when I go to sundered towers the forsworn there doesn't have a heart where can I find another?

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Its like random i think. Or only higher level ones have it. Oh and nice trick, pickpocket the heart. Hehe.

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Only the forsworn briar hearts will have the heart the others are just incompetent and useless

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If you're having trouble finding a briar heart, there are a couple alternatives to killing the Forsworn Briarhearts. First, you can see if there are any alchemists who have them for sale, as they are an alchemy ingredient. Failing that, head to Fellglow Keep, northeast of Whiterun. I found one just sitting on a cupboard in there. Since it wasn't in a chest, I'm fairly certain it doesn't count as random loot, so it should be in there on any playthrough.

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Sadly, your best bet is to raid every Forsworn camp you find and have found for a Briarheart.
And here's a useful fun fact: If you can sneak up to a Forsworn Briarheart and pickpocket him for his Briarheart, he will die on the spot.

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