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Asked: 2 years ago

Why wont the guards let me pay my fine?

In Whiterun, I did some "crime" (I really don't know why I got a bounty from them.) and now I want to pay my fine, because I can't walk into town without being attacked by a guard at the front gate.
I have tried to unsheath and sheath my weapon, but nothing happened. I can't talk to Uthgerd without being attacked by her. Please help?

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You should try entering a building in whiterun then coming back out, usually then a guards waiting for you and then you can pay your fine.

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It may be a glitch. In which case there is nothing you can do, sorry. But sometimes this has happened to me as well so i just left town for a few days, came back and then they talked to me and allowed me to pay it off.

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