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Asked: 2 years ago

Help obtaining quests?

I've visited all orc strongholds and they will not give me the foegemaster's fingers quest i can't seem to get the wolf queen awakened quest either. Please help.

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Thank you DaJoe86. This helps, if you do get the quest at any time pease let me know how it happened. Once again thank you.

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I haven't gotten this quest yet, myself, as I've always been able to gain entry into the orc strongholds another way (for instance, giving the blacksmith in Markarth the book she needs for her apprentice, or just being an orc character.) You may not get the quest if you already have access to the orc strongholds for whatever reason. If you can't access the orc strongholds at all, there is a known glitch where if you go to Dushnikh Yal as your first Orc Stronghold and talk to the orc about retrieving the Fingers, it may not appear on your quest log, and therefore will not be able to complete it. The only known way around this is just to make sure that you don't go there first.

As far as the Wolf Queen Awakened quest, you should get it after completing the quest "The Man Who Cried Wolf," and then leveling up once. It doesn't count if you level up during the quest, it has to be after completion. Basically, try leveling up, then traveling in areas where a courier can reach you, preferably in the Solitude area. Good luck.

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