Power/Upgrade/Enemy Guide by Valtiel

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Guide to powers, enemies, and upgrades, by Valtiel.

|| [Index] ||

To find a section, just search for the section name, including the 
square brackets.

* [Introduction]
** [Notes]
* [Upgrades]
** [Evolutions]
** [Mutations]
** [Skills]
* [Powers]
** [Unarmed combat]
** [Claws]
** [Tendrils]
** [Blade]
** [Hammerfists]
** [Whipfist]
* [Abilities]
* [Combat tricks]
* [Weapons]
* [Mission chains]
* [Side missions]
** [Consume targets]
** [BLACKNET missions]
** [Blackboxes]
** [Field Ops]
** [Lairs]
** [Radnet missions]
* [Enemies]
** [Military]
** [Infected]
** [Unique enemies]

|| [Introduction] ||

This isn't a walkthrough. None of the missions require difficult 
problem-solving, assuming you were paying attention during the Hunting 
tutorial. If you need advice on how to win a particular fight, there are 
YouTube videos out there, but this guide should give you general advice 
for the best way to take on each enemy type. 

This is a guide to all the stuff you wish the game would tell you. It 
explains exactly how each of your combat abilities works, when you 
acquire them, and which enemies they work well against; and does the 
same thing for military weapons. It gives a complete list of the 
upgrades, how to earn them, and gives the author's opinion on how useful 
they are. It includes a diagram of all the main story mission chains, 
and lists which abilities you acquire from each one. It describes the 
side missions - when they become available, and what upgrades they give 
you. Finally, it lists all the enemy types and the best strategies for 
beating them. 

| [Notes] |

All advice has been verified to work on Hard Mode with no health 
upgrades. I haven't tested it on Insane Mode yet. 

Permission to publish this guide is given to GameFAQs.com ONLY. 

If you wish to express your appreciation for this walkthrough - or call 
it a piece of crap - post a topic on the Prototype 2 (PS3) message 

|| [Upgrades] ||

The upgrading system for this game is complex. There are actually five 
distinct types of upgrade: Evolutions, Powers, Abilities, Mutations, and 
Skills. Powers, Abilities, and Skills are upgraded by consuming marked 
targets. Mutations are obtained by completing side missions. Evolutions 
are obtained by levelling up. 

| [Evolutions] |

The natural progression of Heller's powers as he gets stronger over 
time. Almost every action in the game earns you experience, and after a 
certain amount, you'll level up and gain a new Evolution point to spend 
on one of the following evolution chains. You'll mostly find yourself 
Evolving right after you finish a mission. Although the list of 
available Evolutions can be viewed in-game, I'm listing them here so I 
can comment on them. 


Enhances Heller's ability to move around. Note, the bonuses listed below 
are NOT cumulative. If you're not finding the combat too difficult, this 
is always a good choice since it makes getting around the city quicker 
and easier. 

Level 1: +10% sprint speed, +50% jump height. 
Level 2: +30% sprint speed, +100% jump height, +50% air dash distance. 
Level 3: +50% sprint speed, +200% jump height, +50% air dash distance, 
extra air dash. 
Level 4: +100% sprint speed, +300% jump height, +100% air dash distance, 
extra air dash. 


Enhances Heller's toughness. Note, the bonuses listed below are NOT 
cumulative. Health is pretty much always a good choice, even if it is 
rather dull. 

Level 1: +25% health. 
Level 2: +50% health. 
Level 3: +75% health. 
Level 4: +125% health. 


Enhances Heller's ability to get health back without the need to eat 

Level 1: Health bar regenerates up to 50% outside combat. Better than it 
sounds, since this regeneration is nearly instant. This saves a lot of 
wasted time wandering around eating people, and might also help ease 
your conscience. 

Level 2: +30% health from consuming things. This is GREAT. The best way 
to survive in a lot of fights is to consume people. 

Level 3: Health bar regenerates up to 100% outside combat. 

Level 4: Health bar slowly regenerates even in combat. The regeneration 
is painfully slow and will rarely make a difference. 


Various tricks that help with sneaking around. Most of these are 
terrible, because the stealth sections are so easy without them. 

Level 1: Suspicion bar empties 50% quicker. This really isn't a very 
good upgrade since it doesn't actually help escape alerts. All it does 
is save you a little time waiting for the alert bar to go down. 

Level 2: Viral detector sensitivity reduced by 50%. I assume this means 
that they take longer to fill the alert meter, although I haven't tested 
it. Only worthwhile if you really, really hate viral detectors. There's 
a Predator Mutation that does almost the exact same thing, you're better 
off getting that. 

Level 3: Strike teams take 50% longer to arrive. Eh, it's better than 
the others but it's still not that hot. Strike Teams are easy to evade 
and fairly easy to kill, compared to the nightmare they were in 
Prototype 1. 

Level 4: 25% reduction in enemy vision cones. This is ok. It certainly 
makes stealth consuming a specific target easier. However, it's not 
worth buying three terrible upgrades just to get this. 


Improves Mass-powered attacks. Only attainable after acquiring the 
Devastator attack in the Orion Phase Two mission near the end of the 
Yellow Zone. 

Level 1: You cannot be stunned while performing a Devastator or Pack 
Leader move. This is BRILLIANT. It doesn't help Pack Leader that much, 
since you should only ever be using that from relative safety, but it 
can be almost impossible to use Devastators without this evolution. 

Level 2: Adds a second Mass Bar, the same size as the first. While you 
only need one bar to perform a Devastator or Pack Summon, if you have 
both bars full, you get more Devastator damage or a third Brawler. 

Level 3: +30% Mass from consuming, allowing you to fill the Mass bar 
quicker. Only helps if you're trying to use multiple Devastators or 
Brawler Packs in one fight. 

Level 4: Further Mass bar increase, allowing even more damage or a 
fourth Brawler. With three bars, your devastator attack is an 
instant-kill on almost every enemy, even on Hard difficulty. 


Grants access to one-hit-kill Vehicle Finishers. 

Level 1: Grants Armoured Vehicle Finisher. Only attainable after 
acquiring the Armoured Vehicle Hijack ability in The White Light mission 
early in the green Zone. Makes fighting armoured vehicles laughably 

Level 2: Grants Helicopter Finisher. Only attainable after acquiring the 
Helicopter Hijack ability in the Predator And Prey mission early in the 
Red Zone. While it looks damn cool, you might as well just grab the 
missile rack and shoot the 'copter down with that. 

| [Mutations] |

A selection of upgrades to make Heller more effective in all sorts of 
ways. Mutations are obtained by completing side-missions and gathering 
collectables, and are grouped into categories. Each side-mission or set 
of collectables is tied to a particular category of mutations. 
Completing the mission unlocks some of the mutations from that set, and 
gives you one mutation point to spend. Once unlocked, a mutation stays 
unlocked - so you can unlock, say, Heller's Angels in the red zone but 
actually buy it with a mutation point earned in the yellow zone. 

Mutations are excellent to cover the gaps in your Evolutions, since you 
can pick exactly which ones you get and when. 


Death From Above: +10% damage with aerial attacks. This is brilliant, 
since large groups of Infected enemies are far too dangerous to attack 
any other way. 

Melee Expert: +10% reach with melee attacks. I'm not sure about this one 
- it's worth having if it boosts charged and jumping attacks as well, 
but there's no easy way to test that. 

Rocket Arm: +10% damage and speed with throws. While this is certainly a 
powerful upgrade, throwing objects is the most boring combat strategy 

Devastatingly beautiful: 25% larger Devastator radius. Green and red 
zones only. Don't get this until you've decided whether you prefer 
Devastators or Brawler Packs. 

Strike force: +10% damage on ALL melee attacks. I don't know if this 
affects things like the Tendril Blackhole or Hammerfist Groundspikes. 

Good Little Soldier: +10% damage with ALL military weapons and hardware. 
Red zone only. 

Heller's Angels: +50% damage boost to Brawler Pack attacks. Red zone 
only. Don't get this until you've decided whether you prefer Devastators 
or Brawler Packs. 

Darwinism: +10% damage boost to ALL attacks against military enemies. 
Not as good as Revenge Boost, because most military enemies will die 
from one attack anyway, whether it's a single strike to a Blackwatch 
trooper or a Finisher on a vehicle. 

Revenge Boost: +10% damage boost to ALL attacks against infected 
enemies. This is amazing, since the infected are much more of a threat 
than the military. 


Bulletproof: Causes small arms fire to ricochet off you harmlessly 
(harmlessly for you, that is - it can still hit the poor saps who fired 
at you). Green or Red zones only. Small arms fire is so unthreatening 
that you only really want this for showing off. 

Hard Boiled: 25% reduction to all damage you take. I can't be reading 
that right, that's so much better than the health bar size boost it's 
not funny. What are you waiting for? Get this upgrade! 

Shields Up: +50% larger time window to use Shield Block. If you're 
having a hard time getting block counter to work for you, this is 

Personal Space: Time your dodge 25% earlier for a tactical attack behind 
your enemy. If I'm reading this right, that means that you get the 
"dodge" action command prompt earlier against attacks that can be dodge 
countered. Great in the Green Zone when the Evolved start showing up 

Impaler: +25% damage dealt by timed Shield Block. Not superb - most of 
the damage from a well-timed block comes from the follow-up attack 
rather than the block itself. 

Healthy Appetite: +25% health. Boring but decent. Hard Boiled is better. 


Jumpy: +25% jump distance. 

Dashing: +25% longer Air Dash. 

God Speed: +50% top speed. Well, it's ok, but get Cheetah first or 
you'll never actually travel at top speed. 

Cheetah: 4X faster acceleration to top running speed. This is GREAT. 
Have you SEEN how fast Heller's top speed actually is? Probably not, 
because it takes so long to get going. Pick this up once you have a 
couple of speed upgrades. 

Jet Propulsion: +25% glide distance. Green or Red zones only. 

Extra dashing: Extra air dash. Red zone only. 


The Predator mutations are a grab-bag of random powerups, based loosely 
on things that make Heller a more effective predator. 

Protein boost: +25% health from consuming. Since consuming people 
mid-fight is a good way to stay alive, this upgrade is very helpful. 

Inconspicuous: Viral detectors fill suspicion bar 50% slower. Might be 
worth the effort if you REALLY hate viral detectors, but probably not. 

Hungry Boy: +25% Mass from consuming. Only helps if you're trying to use 
multiple Devastators or Brawler Packs in one fight. 

Submission Specialist: Weaponise, Hijack, and enter hives 75% faster. 
Green or Red zones only. I have no idea what this has to do with being a 
predator. If you find you often get stunned or injured while trying to 
Weaponise or Hijack, this upgrade is the solution. Don't bother if you'd 
rather use Finishers instead. 

Mass-terful strikes: Gain Mass from using melee attacks on enemies. Only 
helps if you're trying to use multiple Devastators or Brawler Packs in 
one fight. 

The big bang: Bio-bombs are 10% more explosive. Red zone only. I have no 
idea whether that 10% refers to blast radius or damage. 

Speedy recovery: Devastator and Pack Leader abilities execute 25% 
faster. Again, nothing to do with being a predator. Only really helps 
Devastator, since you should only be using Pack Leader from a safe 

Power Specialist 

These mutations enhance the charged attacks of specific powers. I 
recommend choosing a mutation to suit your favourite power, rather than 
choosing the mutation that looks best on paper and then focussing on 
that power. 

Eventful Horizon: +25% blast radius on Tendril Blackhole. Green or Red 
zones only. Looks like the best of the Power Specialist mutations by a 
mile, judging by the numbers, but the mechanics of Tendril Blackhole are 
strange and that might not actually be the case. Stick to the advice 

Jungle Cat: +10% range on Claw Pounce. Green or Red zones only. 

Go Ballistic: +10% range on Whipfist Longshot attack. Red zone only. 

Spiked Punch: +10% damage with Hammerfist Groundspikes. Green or Red 
zones only. 

Twisted: +10% attack range with Blade Tornado. Green or Red zones only. 


These mutations are only available with Radnet content, and are acquired 
by completing all the Radnet assignments in one set. 

Health Pack: +25% Brawler Pack health. Neat, but not as good as the +50% 
Brawler pack damage boost available from Offensive Mutations. 

Security Blanket: Health regenerates 1% per second while blocking. It is 
theoretically possible to turtle back to full health in a minute and a 
half with this. For that reason alone, I advocate avoiding this power, 
since anything that encourages you to stand there holding R1 and doing 
nothing else for over a minute is fun-killing bollocks. 

Weightless: Float higher when triggering a second Glide mid-flight. This 
is an odd one. I guess a few people who like to glide long distances 
will notice the advantages, and maybe it helps with the Salvage 
missions, but I suspect it'll be a very minor improvement that you won't 
really notice. 

Fast Learner: +25% experience points for killing things. Of all the 
Radnet mutations, this is solid gold. Get it as soon as you can, it'll 
pay off the time invested if you're trying to get full upgrades. 

Ravenous: Enemies require 10% less damage before you can Consume them. 
Ohh, this is VERY nice. It's comparable to a 10% damage boost against 
every enemy that can be Consumed, which is most of the ones you care 
about boosting your damage against. It also reduces the risk of 
accidentally overkilling enemies that you wanted to Consume. 

| [Skills] |
 A selection of upgrades to make Heller more effective when using 
military hardware. Skills are obtained by consuming marked military 
targets. I'm not going to comment on which skills are effective, since 
there's no real way for you to determine which ones you get. If you want 
to upgrade skills, skulk around military bases and see who looks tasty 
(i.e. who has a little yellow icon over their head). 


Upgrades Heller's effectiveness when piloting an armoured vehicle.

Level 1: Armoured vehicle hijack skill unlocked. Acquired early in the 
Green Zone.
Level 2: +30% ammo capacity, +50% damage.
Level 3: +50% ammo capacity, +100% damage.
Level 4: +100% ammo capacity, +150% damage.


Upgrades Heller's effectiveness when piloting a copter.

Level 1: Helicopter hijack skill unlocked. Acquired early in the Red 
Level 2: +35% ammo capacity, +50% damage.
Level 3: +50% ammo capacity, +10% damage.
Level 4: +100% ammo capacity, +150% damage.


Upgrades Heller's effectiveness with assault rifles, machine guns, and 
(I think) gatling guns.

Level 1: +35% ammo capacity, +20% damage.
Level 2: +65% ammo capacity, +35% damage.
Level 3: +100% ammo capacity, +50% damage.


Upgrades Heller's effectiveness with rocket launchers, grenade 
launchers, TOWs, rocket pods, and missile racks.

Level 1: +25% ammo capacity, +20% damage.
Level 2: +50% ammo capacity, +30% damage.
Level 3: +75% ammo capacity, +50% damage.

|| [Powers] ||

 Each of Heller's weapon powers has at least two attack modes, one from 
tapping the attack button and one from holding it down to charge a more 
powerful attack. Some powers also work differently when you use them 
from the air. 

Every power can be upgraded by consuming marked enemies. These enemies 
tend to be large melee threats, like Orions and Brawlers. Each power has 
four levels, the first of which is just being able to use the weapon. 
The second level always upgrades the basic attacks, the third upgrades 
the charged attack, and the fourth grants a 25% damage boost. All melee 
powers can also be improved by one of the Power Specialist mutations. 

It is difficult to reliably find power upgrades. Your best bet is to 
complete Lairs and any BLACKNET mission with the "Infected Salvage" 
type, as these missions tend to involve fighting Infected monsters that 
can grant you power upgrades. 

| [Unarmed combat] |

Although not, strictly speaking, a "power", it's worth mentioning. The 
standard attack is a punch combo, the charged attack is a kick which 
sends enemies flying. Aerial attack is a flying kick which, if charged 
up, will allow Heller to body surf on the guy he just kicked. Honestly, 
the only use for this is to kill zombies without starting a military 

| [Claws] |

Beautiful razor-sharp bladed claws. The basic attack is a series of 
claw-slashes, and Heller takes a big step forward between each strike, 
so you actually cover a lot of ground with these. The charged attack is 
a pouncing strike. The aerial attack, charged or uncharged, is similar 
to the pounce, but does a whole lot more damage if you charge it. 

Obtained: From consuming a Brawler in Operation Flytrap, very early in 
the Yellow Zone. 

Strengths: Extremely fast, very effective against all unarmoured 
enemies. The Claw Pounce is fast, accurate, deadly and has next to no 
recovery time. Fast enough to combo Evolved. 

Weaknesses: Next to useless against armoured enemies. Other than that, 
these are lovely - I actually like them more than the Blade. 

Level 2: Claw range increased by 25%.
Level 3: Range of the pounce attack is increased (although the game 
doesn't say how much by).
Level 4: 25% damage boost.

| [Tendrils] |

The primary attack from Tendrils looks weird. It causes struck targets 
to spray out tendrils in all directions which will stick them to walls 
and rip them apart. The secondary attack is the glorious Tendril 
Blackhole - it has more reach than a normal tendril attack, and deals 
damage by grabbing all the loose objects in the vicinity and slamming 
them together into the target. For this reason, it's very dependant on 
the environment - in a car park it'll deal hideous amounts of damage, 
while in an empty park it'll do next to nothing. Note that while you can 
use Tendril Blackhole while jumping, you can only use it once per jump. 

Obtained: From consuming a Hydra in Project Long Shadow, fairly early in 
the Yellow Zone. 

Strengths: Immobilises ground vehicles, and is actually quite good at 
damaging them, though not quite as good as the Hammerfists. Tendrils can 
also immobilise Infected monsters once you have the first upgrade, 
allowing you to follow up with a massively damaging attack. Tendril 
Blackhole can be absolutely devastating in the right environment, and is 
a decent way to damage helicopters. This power is good against almost 
everything, but it does have quite a few caveats - it's the least 
straightforward of the powers to use. 

Weaknesses: The air attack of this weapon has pathetic reach compared to 
other aerial attacks. While tying down Brawlers and the like with 
Tendrils is a highly effective tactic (providing you have the second 
upgrade), it rather relies on you not being interrupted by another 
monster. Tendril Blackhole is dependent on the environment, since if 
there's nothing for the Tendrils to pull onto your target, it does 
pathetic damage. This power seems to be very weak against the Evolved, 
and they even dodge the Blackhole most of the time. 

Level 2: Fortified enemies can be immobilised. I don't really know what 
qualifies as a "fortified enemy", I'm afraid. 
Level 3: Blackhole can grab larger objects. This results in more damage 
in the right areas. 
Level 4: 25% damage boost. I have no idea whether this actually improves 
the Blackhole, which deals damage by slamming objects into the enemies. 

| [Blade] |
 The Blade is no longer the ultimate weapon, but at least we get it 
sooner. It's slower but more powerful than the claws. The charged 
attack, Blade Tornado, carries Heller forward and damages everything in 
a wide radius around him (wider than the reach of the blade, I think, 
but I'm not complaining). Its aerial attacks are the main reason to use 
this weapon: Tapping the attack button in the air results in the air 
scythe attack, where Heller leaps at the enemy and slashes with the 
blade, often going straight past them and damaging everything he moves 
past. This move is fast, accurate, and can carry Heller horizontally or 
even slightly upwards - try to use it while as close to the ground as 
possible, for the chance to hit multiple targets. The charged version of 
the attack is the meat cleaver, where Heller winds up a massive overhead 
swing before dropping on the enemy. It does tremendous damage, but it's 
slow, less accurate, has a risky recovery time, and can only be angled 

Obtained: From consuming an Evolved in The White Light mission, early in 
the Green Zone. 

Strengths: Reasonably good against everything. The aerial attacks are 
brilliant - the scythe is fast, deadly, and safe, while the meat cleaver 
is devastatingly powerful. The Tornado attack is a nice trick against 
the Evolved - you can hit them with it while they're in their recovery 
animation, and they usually won't counterattack. 

Weaknesses: Jack of all trades means master of none - there's almost 
always a better choice of weapon for any given enemy. The meat cleaver 
is hopelessly unsafe - use it when there's more than one enemy about and 
you'll get torn to shreds. The Tornado attack is too short-ranged for 
most situations. 

Level 2: Range of blade attacks increased by 15%.
Level 3: Tornado attack has more spins. I presume this means the effect 
lasts longer and deals more damage.
Level 4: 25% damage boost.

| [Hammerfists] |

The Hammerfists are slow but crushingly powerful. The uncharged attack 
is so powerful that the shockwave causes splash damage on everything 
near whatever you hit, and the third hit of the uncharged combo creates 
a blast radius of groundspikes around Heller. The charged attack sends 
out a line of groundspikes straight forward or, when used in the air, a 
circle of spikes radiating out from Heller's impact point. The uncharged 
air attack is an elbow drop. In Prototype 1, the hammerfist elbow drop 
was more powerful the higher up you started the move, I don't know if 
that still applies but you can bet I'm going to test it. 

Obtained: From consuming a Juggernaut in the A Nest Of Vipers mission in 
the Green Zone. 

Strengths: Very powerful against armoured vehicles. Can be used to 
stunlock Juggernauts and Brawlers by launching them on the third hit of 
the combo. The area of effect attacks are incredible at clearing out 
infantry. The ground version of the charged attack can effectively 
stunlock Evolved, if you want the easy-but-boring way of killing them. 

Weaknesses: Dear lord these are slow. Use them against anything faster 
than a Juggernaut and you can expect to get pummelled. 

Level 2: Increased damage radius on uncharged attacks.
Level 3: Range and size of groundspikes is increased.
Level 4: 25% damage boost.

| [Whipfist] |

The Whipfist's primary attack lashes the weapon around in wide arcs, 
quickly killing weak enemies like zombies and humans. The charged attack 
throws the weapon out like a harpoon, dealing heavy damage to a single 
target. This weapon has one other trick - tap Grab with the power active 
(while on the ground), and Heller will use the whipfist to grab the 
target from long range. 

Obtained: From consuming an Evolved in the Red Zone. 

Strengths: Better reach than any other weapon, and can be used safely 
while airborne, allowing you to fight even very dangerous foes without 
much risk of getting hit. Great against Helicopters. Whipfist grab is 

Weaknesses: The only real weakness of this weapon is that it encourages 
a very boring strategy of using nothing but the longshot attack.

Level 2: Increased range on uncharged attacks.
Level 3: Increased range on charged attacks.
Level 4: 25% damage boost.

|| [Abilities] ||

In terms of acquiring and upgrading, Abilities work exactly like Powers 
(although they have different numbers of levels). I guess they're just 
listed separately because they don't appear on the power ring menu, or 
maybe because someone thought the Heller upgrade screen looked better 
with five items on it than with four. 


Press R1 to block. You can't move while shield-blocking, but you're very 
hard to damage - most attacks just bounce off. Time your block correctly 
and you can bounce projectiles and shield-bash melee attackers. An 
upgrade gives you spiked shields, which deal damage when you shield-bash 

Obtained: From consuming a Juggernaut in the Feeding Time mission, 
midway through the Yellow Zone. 

Upgrades: Level 2: Unlike every other upgrade, this is automatically 
acquired at a specific point in the game. The Shield Upgrade is obtained 
from consuming an Evolved in the A Nest Of Vipers mission in the Green 

Also upgraded by the "Shields Up" and "Impaler" Defensive Mutations and 
the "Security Blanket" Radnet Mutation. 


This power can be used from stealth (tap grab once to initiate a stealth 
attack, then press primary attack to Biobomb a target), or in open 
combat (grab an opponent, tap square while not airborne to 'prime' the 
bomb, and then use the grab button again to throw them). It's remarkably 
similar to the Tendril Blackhole attack. 

Obtained: From consuming an Evolved in the Maze of Blood mission in the 
Green Zone. 

Upgrades: (Non-cumulative)
Level 2: +25% splash damage, +35% impact damage.
Level 3: +50% splash damage, +50% impact damage.
Level 4: +100% splash damage, +75% impact damage.
Level 5: +150% splash damage, +125% impact damage.

Also upgraded by "The Big Bang" Predator Mutation.

Brawler Pack
 Hold down the primary attack and jump keys to summon a pack of Brawlers 
who will fight for you. To direct them at a specific target, lock on and 
press the right thumbstick. To dismiss them - causing them to explode in 
a biobomb-like detonation - hold primary attack and jump again (if 
you're locked on to a target, the Brawlers will try to blow up that 
target when they die). Like the Devastator, this requires Mass. With all 
the mutations, you can end up with four Brawlers with +90% damage and 
+105% health, but that's a big investment in one power. 

Obtained: From consuming an Evolved in the Alpha Wolf mission in the 
Green Zone. 

Upgrades: (Non-cumulative)
Level 2: +20% pack health, +10% pack damage.
Level 3: +40% pack health, +20% pack damage.
Level 4: +60% pack health, +30% pack damage.
Level 5: +80% pack health, +40% pack damage.

Also upgraded by: Mass evolutions, "Heller's Angels" Offensive 
Mutation, "Hungry Boy", "Mass-terful strikes", "Speedy recovery" 
Predator Mutations and "Health Pack" Radnet Mutation. 

|| [Combat tricks] ||

There's a lot you can do in combat that don't appear in the Powers or 
Abilities menus. They're listed below. 


You'll be doing this a lot, because it's the best way to regain health 
and mass. Humans and zombies can be grabbed and consumed at any time, 
while tougher enemies need to be badly damaged before they'll become 
vulnerable. Unlike in Prototype 1, Heller can initiate a grab attack 
while jumping, which causes him to pounce on the foe from an impressive 
distance. It's an important tactic - master it. 

If an enemy can be picked up before being consumed, it's often 
advantageous to carry them to a slightly safer area before eating them, 
so you're less likely to take damage while stuck in the Consume 
animation. If you get hit hard (by a rocket launcher or a big monster 
like a Brawler) while carrying someone, you drop them. Grabbed opponents 
can be safely put down by pressing down on the d-pad, if you're feeling 

If an enemy is beaten to their last fraction of health and is displaying 
a "consume me" marker, and you don't consume them, they'll keel over and 
die of their own accord in a few seconds, so hurry it up. 

Heller has a wide variety of Consume animations. Marines or pedestrians 
just kind of dissolve and get absorbed. Certain specific enemies get 
custom Consume animations. Most of the time, though, Heller will use an 
animation appropriate to whichever combat power he used last (or an 
unarmed animation, if no powers are active). The Tendril animations seem 
very slow compared to most of the others. Some of the Hammerfist and 
unarmed animations cause a shockwave that knocks nearby opponents back, 
very handy when surrounded by zombies. 

If you tap Consume in mid-air, Heller will piledriver the victim into 
the ground, kill and consume them on impact, and bounce back up into the 

Upgrades: Level 2 Regeneration Evolution, Level 3 Mass Evolution, 
"Protein Boost" and "Hungry Boy" Predator mutations, "Ravenous" Radnet 


Hold down the secondary attack and grab keys to 
unleash a shockwave and a burst of deadly tendrils in all directions. 
Unupgraded, the Devastator is crap - it doesn't do enough damage, 
doesn't have enough range, takes too long to charge, and you'll probably 
get hit out of the move anyway. With the upgrades, it becomes much more 
useful. This attack requires Mass to use. 

Obtained: From consuming the Orion Phase Two, in the mission of the same 
name late in the Green Zone. 

Upgrades: Mass evolutions, "Devastatingly Beautiful" Offensive Mutation, 
"Hungry Boy", "Mass-terful strikes", "Speedy recovery" Predator 


Jump onto a vehicle with Grab, and mash primary attack to rip a weapon 
off. You can then use this just as you would an infantry weapon (except 
it's MUCH more powerful, and seems to prevent you from gliding due to 
the weight). 

Obtained: From the Salvation mission mid-way through the Yellow Zone. 

Upgrades: "Submission Specialist" Predator Mutation, Launchers skill, 
Rifles skill. 


Jump onto a vehicle with Grab, and mash Grab to take control of the 
vehicle. If you're in a military disguise and not currently in an alert, 
you can just climb into the vehicle without the military realising 
anything is wrong until it's too late. 

Obtained: Armoured Vehicle Hijack is obtained from the Enemies and 
Allies mission early in the Green Zone. Helicopter Hijack is obtained in 
the Predator and Prey mission early in the Red Zone. 

Upgrades: "Submission Specialist" Predator Mutation, Armour skill, 
Helicopter skill. 

Vehicle Finisher 

Jump onto a vehicle with Grab, and press Triangle to wreck the vehicle 

Obtained: Purchased as an Evolution after obtaining the relevant Vehicle 
Hijack ability. 

|| [Weapons] ||

 While wearing a military disguise, you can carry military weapons and 
shoot at Infected without starting an alert. For the purpose of skills, 
I believe the Rifle skill enhances the assault rifle, machine gun, and 
gatling gun, and the Launchers skill enhances everything else. Note that 
all military weapons have an odd quirk - if you kill something while 
locked on, Heller will stay locked on to the corpse for a while, causing 
you to waste ammo if you haven't noticed that the targeting box has gone 
white. I tend to momentarily release the lock-on button after each kill 
to re-target. 

Assault rifle / Machine gun 

Again, these get listed together because they're very similar. The 
machine gun has more ammo capacity, and that seems to be the limit of 
the differences. These weapons are not the ultimate anti-infantry tool 
they were in the first game - on harder difficulty levels, even basic 
soldiers take multiple shots before they go down. However, it's nice to 
have the range advantage this weapon gives you. 

Grenade launcher 

Fires high-explosive grenades in a slightly arcing trajectory. Lacks the 
phenomenal rate of fire it had in the first game, but gained some blast 
radius to make up for it. A good weapon against Brawlers and the like. 

Rocket launcher 

Fires homing rockets. A superb choice against vehicles, particularly 
helicopters. Powerful enough that it can overshadow your main powers, 
especially if you have all the skill upgrades for it. 


Can be ripped off an APC. Fires a spread of four missiles which home in 
on the target. This weapon is incredibly powerful, although it has a 
poor rate of fire, is hopelessly inaccurate at close range, and carries 
very few shots (the counter displayed when you aim it shows the number 
of missiles. It fires four at once). To use this weapon effectively, 
keep your distance from the target to give the missiles time to lock-on. 

Gatling gun 

Can be ripped off a tank. Works like a machine gun taken up to 11. 
Surprisingly, seems to be more effective against armour and helicopters 
than against infantry (it absolutely obliterates helicopters. Seriously, 
try it). 

Rocket pod 

Can be ripped off helicopters. Rapid-fires explosive projectiles. This 
is the broken overpowered weapon that Prototype 1's grenade launcher 
aspired to be. 

Missile rack 

Can be ripped off helicopters. This is basically a rocket launcher with 
much higher damage. Honestly, I PREFER the standard missile launcher 
since you can glide while carrying it. 

|| [Mission chains] ||

 Your progression through the missions is not entirely linear. On 
several occasions, you will have a choice of two missions. When this 
happens, you have two parallel mission chains. Completing a mission in 
one chain will unlock the next mission in that chain, and leave the 
other chain unaffected. Only when all missions in both chains are 
complete will you be able to move onto the next section of the game. 

Most missions have free-roam breaks between them. The exceptions are 
(Meet Your Maker, Resurrection, The Strong Survive), (The Airbridge, 
Enemies and Allies), and (The Descent, Predator and Prey). Notes in 
{curly braces} are BLACKNET operations which are unlocked on completion 
of a certain mission. 


      Meet Your Maker
    The Strong Survive

Yellow Zone

     Operation Flytrap
       {Orion's Belt} ------[Claws]
           |           \
           |            \---[Radnet events activated]
        Brain Drain      \
           |              \-{Black Tulip}
    Project Long Shadow ----[Tendrils]
        |         \      \
        |          \      \-{Manticore}
        |           \
        |            \
        |       Feeding Time (G) --[Shields]
        |              |
        |       Salvation (G) ----[Weaponise]
        |             /    \
    The Lab Rat (R)  /      \-{Clean Sweep}
         \          /
    The Mad Scientist
     Orion Phase Two ----[Devastator]
          |           \
          |            \-[Lairs unlocked]
    Natural Selection
      The Airbridge --[Yellow and Green Zone Airbridges activated]

Green Zone

                 Enemies and allies ----[Vehicle hijack acquired]
                        /        \   \
                       /          \   \-{Keyhole}
                      /            \
                     /        The White Light (G) -----[Helicopter weaponise]
                    /                \             \---[Blade]
                   /                  \             \--{Red Glacier}
        A stranger among us (S)        \             \-{Jack of all Trades}
                   \                    \
                    \               Taking the castle (R) --{Vivid Future}
                     \                     \
                      \                 Maze of blood (R) --[Biobomb]
                       \                     \
                        \               Alpha Wolf (R) --[Pack Leader]
                         \                   /
[Spiked shield]--- A nest of vipers (S)     /
                /          \               /
 [Hammerfists]-/            \             /
                            Fall from grace
                            The Descent --[Red Zone Airbridges activated]

Red Zone

        Predator and prey --[Helicopter hijack]
        Burned from memory --{Spotted Cat}
          Last Resort -----[Whipfist]
          |      \     \---{Long Horizon}
          |       \     \--{Stun Circuit}
          |        \     \-{Clockwork}
          |         \
          |   Fly in the ointment (S)
          |           \
          |    Operation Firehawk (S)
          |              |
Divine Intervention (R)  |
          |              |
Lost in the system (M)   |
             \           |
              \          |
            A labour of love
            Murder your maker

Advice on mission order: 

In the yellow zone, do Feeding Time and Salvation (G) before The Lab Rat 
(R), because the former two get you sweet upgrades and the latter gets 
you sod-all. In the Green Zone, do The White Light (G) first, then A 
Stranger Among Us and A Nest Of Vipers (S), then finish off the (G) 
mission chain, in order to save the hardest missions until after you've 
acquired the best powers (although you might want to do A Maze Of Blood 
before A Nest Of Vipers if you like using Biobombs in combat). In the 
Red Zone, the (S) missions are done entirely in helicopters, so it 
barely matters what powers you have (although you might want to take the 
time to acquire the helicopter skill upgrades), while the other mission 
chain requires fighting large numbers of Evolved. 

|| [Side missions] ||

There are a lot of different types of side mission. I'm not going to 
discuss exactly what you have to do in each mission, but I will 
summarise them, indicate when they become available, and what reward you 
get from them. 

| [Consume targets] |

Not really a side mission, but anyone with an icon over their head is 
probably good to eat.

Muscular arm icon: Skill (on humans), power or ability (on Infected and 
Orions) upgrade.
DNA icon: XP boost.
Head icon: Story mission or BLACKNET mission related memory.
Key icon: Required to activate a hand scanner.

| [BLACKNET missions] |

The bulk of the side missions, at least in terms of gameplay time. One 
of the early story missions is basically a short BLACKNET mission, which 
should give you an idea of how they play out (access terminal, hunt 
dude, eat dude, go to location, play short mission, repeat). They're 
easy to find, being highlighted on the map with a little gold star. The 
usual progress of a BLACKNET mission starts by visiting the comms 
vehicle to get a name and then hunting that target; however, it is also 
possible to encounter and consume these targets before visiting the 
BLACKNET terminal. They're marked with a head icon. Of course, you still 
have to visit the terminal to start the mission. 

Completing all sections of a BLACKNET mission will grant you a Mutation. 
This guide will later be amended with details of which BLACKNET missions 
are available when, and which mutations they unlock. 

| [Blackboxes] |

In order to find blackboxes, open the map menu and select 
"collectables". Move the cursor over the map region you want to search, 
and use the shoulder bumpers to select "blackboxes" from the list. The 
approximate location of blackboxes will be highlighted by little grey 
radar pulses. When you get close, you'll get a distance meter that helps 
you home in (note that the number takes vertical distance into account). 
Most of them are on rooftops or ledges, and all are illuminated by a red 
pulsing light. 

Collecting all the Blackboxes for a particular region of the city will 
grant you a Mutation. You can view which region will give you which 
mutations on the Collectibles screen, or you can just check the list 

Yellow Zone

Fairview: 4 boxes. Locomotion.
Oakhurst: 5 boxes. Offensive.
Linden Park: 4 boxes. Offensive.

Green Zone

Fulton: 5 boxes. Predator.
Lincoln Meadows: 5 boxes. Defensive.
Salt Yard Plains: 4 boxes. Offensive.

Red Zone

Downtown: No blackboxes in this area.
Chinatown: 5 boxes. Defensive.
Midtown: 6 boxes. Predator.
Times Square: 7 boxes. Power Specialist.

| [Field Ops] |

Field Ops can be tracked down exactly like Blackboxes, except it's even 
easier because they're marked clearly on the HUD as you get close. When 
you find them, all you have to do is kill all the illuminated targets. 

Wiping out all the Field Ops for a particular region of the city will 
grant you a Mutation. You can view which region will give you which 
mutations on the Collectibles screen, or you can just check the list 

Yellow Zone

Fairview: 4 ops. Offensive.
Oakhurst: No field ops in this area.
Linden Park: 3 ops. Defensive.

Green Zone

Fulton: 4 ops. Locomotion.
Lincoln Meadows: 4 ops. Predator.
Salt Yard Plains: No field ops in this area.

Red Zone

Downtown: 5 ops. Locomotion.
Chinatown: 4 ops. Defensive.
Midtown: 4 ops. Offensive.
Times Square: No field ops in this area.

| [Lairs] |

Each region's worth of Lairs will grant you a Mutation when completed. 
You can view which lair will give you which mutations on the 
Collectibles screen, or you can just check the list below.

Yellow Zone

Linden Park: 1 lair. Predator.

Green Zone

Fulton: 2 lairs. Power Specialist.
Lincoln Meadows: 2 lairs. Locomotion.

Red Zone

Midtown: 2 lairs. Locomotion.
Times Square: 2 lairs. Power Specialist.

| [Radnet missions] |

 Radnet missions are only available if you bought the Radnet edition 
new, or if you paid to unlock them. These missions do not tie into the 
story - they're just for fun. 

Completing all Radnet missions in a particular set with at least a 
Bronze medal will grant you a specific mutation from the Radnet 
Mutations set. 

I might write a guide to individual Radnet missions and challenges 
later, I'll see how I feel. 

|| [Enemies] ||

For each enemy type, I'll describe why it's a threat, and what strategy 
you should best use to defeat it.

| [Military] |

 Marine / Blackwatch soldier 

Grouped together because they're functionally identical in the game 
(although Heller skips the gory consume animation when eating Marines, 
which ironically means that it's BETTER to eat the good guys since you 
can do it faster). The weapons they can carry are listed below. 

Assault rifle / machine gun: Their bullets are a mild nuisance at best, 
even on harder difficulty levels. The most they'll do is gently 
encourage you to not just stand there. Until you get the bulletproof 
mutation, of course, at which point you CAN just stand there, and they 
will eventually die from their own ricochets. 

Grenade launcher: As long as you keep moving in a direction other than 
straight towards them, these guys should never hit you. The slow, arcing 
trajectory of the grenade means it's really not very accurate. If they 
miss - which they usually will - the grenade lands on the ground, makes 
a high-pitched whining noise and a red flash, and then explodes. 
Annoyingly, the grenade launcher is not as obvious as the rocket 
launcher, and it's easy to mistake these enemies for standard assault 
rifle mooks. Even so, you should never take damage from these. 

Rocket launcher: An actual threat. Thankfully, the arrival of the rocket 
is heralded by an obvious flickering blue laser sight and a distinctive 
beeping noise that increases in tempo when the missile is about to fire. 
Once you have the shields, you can bounce rockets, but until then your 
best bet is to dodge at the last moment, or break line of sight from the 
launcher, or just hope you're too fast to be hit. 

Recommended powers: For scattered foes, claws are king thanks to the 
one-hit-kill pounce attack. For clusters of Blackwatch, you can take 
your pick of Tendril Blackhole, Hammerfist Groundspike, or Biobomb 
(Blade Tornado works but tends to be a bit slow). The Whipfist is also 
good once you get it. However, often the best way to deal with 
Blackwatch is to grab them and eat them, or grab them and throw them at 
each other. 


Similar to the supersoldiers from the first game. They're able to jump 
around almost as well as you are, and they fight viciously up close. 
They have a grab attack which you need to waggle the left stick to break 
out of, as well as several punch combos. Most of their attacks are 
highlighted by an obvious blue glow, but resist the temptation to dodge 
over them - you'll usually just catch an elbow in the mouth for your 
efforts - and stick to shield blocks. 

Recommended powers: Often the easiest way to beat them is to shield bash 
them to death, since their attacks can be very easily blocked. Assuming 
you don't want to do that, I recommend aerial attacks with the Blade and 
Claws. The Whipfist works like a charm when you finally get it. They're 
highly resistant to military weapons, more so than Brawlers. 


A tank-like vehicle, recognisable by its smaller cannon and the big 
square rocket launcher on the side of the turret. The main cannon fires 
fairly rapidly but isn't very accurate and doesn't do that much damage - 
you'll be fine if you keep moving. The TOW (rocket launcher) could be 
quite scary, but I've never seen an enemy APC actually fire the thing. 

Recommended powers: Open with a tendril blackhole, then switch to 
hammerfists if you have them, or stick with normal tendril attacks if 
you don't. An alternative is to board the APC, rip the TOW off, and kill 
it with its own weapon. Once you have vehicle finishers, they work as a 
one-shot kill. 


A tank. There's no missing these. They have a huge cannon, and a 
side-mounted gatling gun just in case that wasn't enough. They don't 
seem to actually use the gatling gun, and the cannon takes the courtesy 
to announce it's about to fire with an obvious blue laser, and fires an 
easily reflected shot at that. Sigh. 

Recommended powers: Treat exactly like the APCs, plus you can use the 
shields to bounce its cannon shells back at it. These aren't as much of 
a threat as you might think. 


You remember these bastards from Prototype 1, right? There are three 
kinds: Standard copters with rocket pods, Gunships with missile 
launchers, and the Firehawk copters which appear only in one specific 
mission. Some helicopters carry Blackwatch troops and will drop them off 
with rappel lines, but this just gives you a source of health and 
weapons, so don't worry about it too much. 

Recommended powers: Well, until you get the whipfist or the ability to 
hijack or use a Finisher, you don't have many options. Tendril blackhole 
can work if the 'copter is flying low. Hammerfist elbow drop will work 
brilliantly if you manage to get up above the helicopter, but that can 
be tricky. Aside from that, your best bet is to steal a rocket launcher 
(or, better yet, one of the helicopter's own weapons once you get the 
ability), or just throw aircon units or cars at the bastard. If you want 
to be cheap, you can just bounce its own rockets back at it with the 
shields, and this is probably the easiest way to kill the gunships. 

| [Infected] | 


Although they're not technically called "zombies" by the game, that's 
what they act like. They shamble about and flail at anything that comes 
close. They actually hit quite hard, but they're so slow that Heller's 
powers will rip them to shreds before they can try anything. 

Recommended powers: Anything, really, although there's rarely any need 
to fight these guys - you usually just run right past them. The only 
missions I've seen that force you to fight zombies also force you to use 
military weapons for it. In this case, machine guns or grenade launchers 
are best. 


Pretty much the same as the Hunters from the first game, they even have 
the same attacks. Brawlers are big, strong, and fast, and can cover 
ground almost as fast as Heller can. Their main attacks are a single 
claw-swipe, a pounce and double-swipe, and a forward charge with furious 
slashing of claws. The latter two can be stopped dead with a well-timed 
shield block (stunning the Brawler and opening it up to reprisal), and 
all attacks can be dodged over. Finally, they can throw stuff at you, 
but they prefer fighting up close. 

Recommended powers: Most of your powers work fine. Tendrils are only 
recommended when you have the first upgrade so you can immobilise the 
monster. Claws work wonders, the Blade is slower but will often stun, 
stagger, or dismember the Brawler. The Blade's meat cleaver attack will 
often slice of a limb, but only try it if there's only one Brawler. 
Shield bash works, but I usually dodge over brawlers rather than trying 
to block, since they're vulnerable to attacks from behind. They're also 
quite vulnerable to rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and thrown 
objects. Just pick whatever you're most comfortable with. 


More of a threat than in the first game, since it now has a long-range, 
incredibly accurate, highly damaging tendril attack. Its short-range 
attacks are crushingly powerful, and it can also pick things up 
(including bits of tarmac, if there's nothing else in reach) to throw at 
you. Keep moving, keep your distance, and use ranged weapons and thrown 
objects where possible. Watch the thing like a hawk, and dodge whenever 
it rears back, or you'll eat the tendril attack. 

Recommended powers: Powers? Are you kidding? This thing is FAR too 
dangerous to attack up close. Use a rocket launcher, or throw stuff if 
you really have to. I guess pelting it with Biobombs might work, but I 
haven't tried it yet. 


Hugely fat armour-plated monsters. Their attacks are unblockable and 
devastatingly powerful, but keep up the attacking and dodging and you'll 
often leave them stunned and open to a counterattack (look for the 
button prompts over the beast's head). They like to throw stuff at you, 
and it hurts more than when Brawlers do it. They walk slowly, but jump 
about with surprising agility for something built like an overweight 
sumo wrestler. 

Recommended powers: Only the Hammerfists really pack enough of a wallop. 
Tendrils work too, especially once you have the level 2 power upgrade - 
you'll often leave them vulnerable to a special attack. Without these 
powers, you're forced to rely on dodge counters or thrown junk (which is 
actually a very good strategy - they'll block military weapons, but not 
a thrown car. Go figure.) 


Very fast enemies with twin blades for arms. Fighting these can be an 
exercise in frustration, particularly because they seem to be almost 
immune to ranged weapons and are very deadly indeed up close. 
Frequently, after you land a heavy attack or shield block, they'll be 
slammed backwards and roll back to their feet. Resist the temptation to 
pounce on them after this, because they'll counter with a highly 
damaging upwards blade swipe. They have one weakness - their leaping 
overhead blade swing move will leave them vulnerable to a counterattack 
if you dodge it. A couple of the Evolved have special attacks, discussed 
at the bottom of the Infected enemies section, under the spoiler tag. 

Recommended powers: Claws and Blade. Against one Evolved, the best 
strategy is to let them come to you, dodge back (NOT over them, they 
turn too quickly) or put your shields up well in advance of them getting 
to you (don't shield block, it doesn't stun them and just wastes time). 
Then, when they're done with their combo, lay into them with the claws 
or the blade and don't stop until you see the dodge prompt as they try 
to counterattack. You can then hit them for massive damage when they're 

There are other options: The claw pounce works, as does the blade air 
scythe (the single-tap scythe, not the charged meat-cleaver attack which 
misses too often). I usually pounce with the claws then follow up with a 
Blade Tornado when they're flung backwards. Alternatively, the charged 
attack of the hammerfists sends out a line of spikes that will knock the 
Evolved far enough back for you to charge a second groundspike while 
they close the distance again, allowing you to lock them down 
indefinitely if you don't mind standing still while doing it. They seem 
to be one of the only enemies that's impossible to entangle in your 
tendrils, and they'll often dodge Black Hole attacks altogether. Once 
you have the Whipfist, the longshot attack works wonders, but it's kind 
of slow. 

For multiple Evolved, you're going to have to rely almost exclusively on 
claw pounces, blade air scythes, and maybe hammerfist groundspike 
eruptions if you're feeling lucky, and the whipfist if you've got it. 
The game recommends Biobombs, which do a lot of damage when you hit, but 
take a long time to prepare and can be very frustrating if you get 
attacked while 'priming' your bomb. If you see three Evolved in one 
place, which happens a few times, a Devastator attack might be your best 


Blimey, he's a big 'un. The important thing about fighting the Goliath 
is that you don't ever need to attack it except when it's stunned. Don't 
get too close or it'll squash you. Get just close enough to tempt it 
into attacking, dodge, and counterattack the vulnerable part. 

At first, it attacks by raising its oversized arm up and slamming it 
down, then resting the arm on the ground and charging forward. You can 
jump over it to dodge the charge. Then it pauses for a bit with its head 
at ground level, looking around like it's lost a contact lens or 
something. Hit it in the face (it doesn't matter what with, any damage 
will do), and it'll rear back to stand precariously on one leg. I 
recommend using the hammerfist groundspikes to damage it, because if you 
get close it might fall on you. Once its leg is off, it'll crawl about 
and occasionally swipe with the clawed arm, and eventually get the claw 
stuck in the ground. Use the blade - ideally the meat cleaver aerial 
attack - to sever the arm. Finally, it attacks by flailing about and 
inexplicably leaping well over a hundred feet straight up. Don't be 
under it when it lands. It'll land on its back, and the head will be 
vulnerable - use the meat cleaver again and you'll be able to consume 

Recommended powers: Hammerfist for the leg, otherwise Blade. 


These bird-like enemies show up in the Red Zone, primarily when you're 
in a helicopter. They can dive-bomb and ram you to inflict damage, so 
you need to keep your distance and keep moving. Use both machine-guns 
and missiles, but try not to fire when you don't have a target acquired 
(watch the little square in the middle of the reticule - when it's red, 
you're locked-on). 

Recommended powers: Whipfist, I guess. Personally, though, I'd use a 

Spiked brawler 

Very rare enemies. They seem to fight quite a lot like Brawlers, 
although I haven't encountered them often enough to really be able to 
give you a strategy. 

| [Unique enemies] | 


This section has spoilers in it! If you don't want to know which of the 
named characters you end up fighting and killing, don't read any 

Spoiler warning block
Begin spoilers:

Orion Phase Two

 An enhanced version of the supersoldier. Aside from being able to take 
more punishment and deal more damage, it's just like a normal 
supersoldier (although it is completely immune to rockets, which is a 
pain in the ass). The arena you fight it in has an interesting feature - 
one of the scientists running around is tagged with a key icon, and 
after consuming him you can use his fingerprints to open the infected 
cages. The Brawlers seem to attack the Orion in preference to you, which 
is nice - if nothing else, it distracts the bastard while you hunt down 
those annoying rocket launcher troops. DON'T LEAVE THE ARENA or you 
instantly fail the mission. 

Doctor Koenig 

The first Evolved you fight. Although he's nothing special for an 
Evolved, he starts the battle in a helicopter gunship, which he's 
upgraded to have better defences and to be able to spam its missile 
attack. However, after firing off a series of missiles (which you can 
reflect), it'll be temporarily overloaded. Take the opportunity to 
attack it with a rocket launcher or thrown objects, or maybe even a 
Tendril Blackhole if it's close to the ground. 


Another Evolved who tries to fight you from a helicopter. This time, 
however, you can easily shoot it down with its own rocket pod. The main 
fight with Gallagher is more interesting since he has several attacks 
the other Evolved lack, including a forward dash and strike and a 
forward-moving pirouette with his blade-arms extended. He uses these 
very aggressively, and will even break out of your claw attack chains to 
pound on you. Since you fight him in a car park, Tendril Blackhole works 
surprisingly well, and he'll take a huge amount of damage from the cars 
every time you hit with it. This is much safer than trying to melee him. 


This Evolved also has a special attack, although it's more of a defence 
- a spiked shield that he can create in an instant if you get too close 
or attack too relentlessly. I haven't found a decent way to work around 
this yet, so this fight tends to turn into an endurance match with 
regular retreats to eat some people and get Heller's health back up. You 
can always spam Hammerfist Groundspikes to slowly grind him down at very 
little risk to yourself, but that is unbearably boring. Or you could 
hijack a tank and use that, which feels cheap, but then so does he. 

Doctor Archer 

Although she fights just like any other Evolved, at two stages of the 
fight she'll summon a pack of Brawlers. You get two the first time, and 
four the second time. When the second pack is down to two Brawlers, the 
Doctor joins in the fight again. I recommend using Tendrils against the 
first pair if you have the upgrade (if not, aerial attacks work, as do 
thrown junk, biobombs, or rocket launchers), a Devastator against the 
group of four, and then stick to aerial attacks and rocket launchers 
(there are several in weapon lockers near the bottom of the stairs) 
until you've finished off all the Brawlers and just have the Doctor 
herself to deal with. 

Unnamed Whipfist Chick 

She shows about three missions in to the Red Zone (Last Resort), along 
with a pair of Brawlers. I recommend summoning your own Brawler pack to 
help out, and try to stay close because she can hit you with the 
Whipfist for massive damage at long range. You might want to kill the 
Brawlers first to stop them interrupting you. Thankfully, there are so 
many zombies milling about that you can easily heal, and even use 
Biobombs if you want. 

Alex Mercer 

I don't have a tried-and-true strategy for this fight yet. I'll post one 
as soon as I find it. Personally, I found the best tools to be 
Hammerfist in the first round, then Blade, and finally Whipfist. Don't 
use the same power as Mercer is using, or you'll get counterattacked.