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How do I get to magnus zero ?

I got the key after beating the game but how do i get there ?

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NightmareNyx answered:

You have to kill all six Fell Beasts, then talk to the story-teller (the older man sitting on barrels) in Sapstrath Seahaven.

Then, AFTER you've beaten the game and either load your completed game, or start a New Game +, then you should receive the Golden Key that will allow you to see and access the portal in Fezebel Marsh.
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Achromatic answered:

You have to defeat each of the six fell beasts and turn that quest back in to the quest giver at the Sapstrath Seahaven. After that you go to Fezebel Marsh and there will be a quest related to it.
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EvgenyAudrey answered:

Exactly, kill the 6 fell beast,
talk to the story teller on sapstrath sea haven

Then go the end of Fezebel Marsh, where you found Gaius for the first time, and you will see the portal
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