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How does Milla's arte usage work? 0
Reset power of Devil's Arms by cheating? 0
About the cutscenes? 1
Alvin's charge with right analog stick? 4
Any one have a end game save +? 3
Arte tome help? 2
Best area to gain experience? 2
Black screen error? 1
Chain Chance Timing? 2
Choosing characters? 3
Cutscene Issue? 1
Did anyone encounter a glitch? 4
DLC for on the U.S. Playstation store ? 1
Do herb stats carry on to new game plus? 3
Does anyone know how I can Glory? 1
Does every character only have level 1 Hi-Ougi? 3
Does having unlocked fell equip make the game too easy? 1
Easy way to obtain Jude's Restore Titles? 1
Finding Tataarus Dark Hole? 3
First Playthrough Question? 3
Freezing Upon Entering Battle? 1
how do I escape from battles? 2
How do I load saves from gamefaqs? 2
How do you chain spells with Rowen ? 1
How does Grade work? 3
How many local players can Tales of Xillia support? 2
How to change semi-auto, auto manual mode in Tales of Xillia? 2
How to check 100% item list and enemy list and others? 1
How to crush rocks/boulders??!!! 1
How to get Cless and Stan's costume? 3
How to get faster grades? 1
I need help with dealing with Milla's spirit shift? 4
Icons in arte descriptions? 2
Is anyone having a problem leveling up and not getting all the experience? 5
Is there a way to change back to single player? 1
Is there a way to stop the camera from force ably zooming in on enemies when they are about to do a special move? 3
Item Synthesis ? 1
Japanese DLC? 1
Kinda stuck...? 1
Level up DLC carry over to Xillia-2? 1
Milla- how to transform spells? 2
My shop expansion may be bugged - I can only use minerals? 1
Question about Fel Arms when starting new game +? 3
Random gray box in some dungeons...? 3
Should I import the game? 1
Should I wait for Xillia too come out in the states ? 2
Tales Of Xillia Limited Edition Voucher? 2
Tales of xillia the sea at sunset skit? 2
TALES OF XILLIA- Immediate HELP needed. This is bothering me? 3
Titles in a New Game +? 1
Using save resigner/bruteforce? 1
What is the easiest way to restore HP/MP? 3
When do I get beast? 2
When I try to play the game solo, the other characters stay still unless I link. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? 3
when will more costumes be released on PSN? 1
Why does Milla get different haior styles? 4
Alternate link arte? 1
Am I able to fast travel in Chapter 3? 1
Can I enjoy this game? 2
Can Milla use healing artes? 1
Chances of an English release now? 4
Character classes? 1
Do I get GP if I use Level up DLCs? 1
Does Jude have elemental artes? 1
Equipment newgame+? 2
Field movement speed suddenly increased? 2
Help me get to fairmont? 1
Help me if you have US version of the game? 1
How do you activate Dual Hi-Ougi? 1
How do you get costumes for everyone? 3
How do you turn Idolm@ster music off from costumes in Xillia? 1
How to enable Japanese voices or dubbing?? 1
how to get tiger blade sigma for Mystic Artes ? 1
I just got the game, downloaded my free dlc customs, how do I put them on the characters? 2
If you have less than 7000 grade, which stuff in the grade store will work for a second play through? 1
Is there any penalty for playing on Easy? 1
Is there? 1
Is this only in JP or is it out in the US? 2
Milla's english voice over? 1
My party members dont do anything? 1
Mysterious jewels, can they be sold? 1
Playtime? 1
Question about Milla's "Free Shift" skill......? 1
Random treasures title? 2
Reguarding Post-Game.......? 1
Teepo cannot be turned on or off? 3
Victory Screen - White Numbers? 1
What does it mean when there are stars beside your arts and spirit arts? 1
What does the gold box represent? 1
What is the level system in the shop? 1
What is the max level for this game? 1
What is Tipo's gender ? 2
When in the game do you get Leia as a party member? 1
Where are the Devil's Arms enemies? 1
Wheres Nia Khera Hallowmont? To retrive Milla's Memories using the Souls Light? 2
Which character is better to play in your opnion:Jude or Milla? 2

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