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In franchise mode can you be fired, fire coach and rehire a new one, resign position and go to new team?

if in the middle of my franchise season can i change teams, be fired ?. I was alos looking at the staff screen, where is the option to fire staf, such as coach and rehire a new one?

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Wolffhardt answered:

You can't change teams mid-franchise, but you can fire the coach of your team in the off-season.
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mrs844224 answered:

You go to the coach screen to hire new staff. To fire staff, you have to press one of the controller buttons when on the coach screen. It'll bring up your current staff, and you simply press the button for the individual coach and it'll give you a option to fire him.
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JJFritz answered:

If you want to change teams mid-contract, try doing very poorly for a year or two. If you do extremely poorly, you will ultimately get fired. I did it in last year's game just to see what happened. However, I did not continue with it to see if another team would offer me a contract.
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