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Will the JP release have english voice overs with japanese subs, or anything like that? if so, may there be an option to change games text: menus, subs, etc. into english or will FFXIII-2 be similar to FFXIII, as far as voice overs, subs, and gameplay menus?


TheGaijin answered:

JP version if for Japan, in Japanese.
Wit January or February depending who you are.

The Asia version (released in January) has Japanese voice and english/korean/chinese subtitles if this is what you are looking for.
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kintaro619 answered:

1) JP/Japanese versions 90% of the time WON"T EVER bother putting ENGLISH/other language on release. They don't care/don't bother ever since the beginning. In short: NO SUBS/Voice Overs/etc..

2) Option? YES ON "ASIA/USA/EURO versions will be accessible upon the main menu/title screen, pick from there.
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atheistium answered:

The English version does not support a Japanese voice track.
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mom30000 answered:

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IgoCab_Light_ answered:

theres a English Version Don't worry
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CHDan answered:

I don't think the japanese release has English subs, but a chinese edition/asian version have, both of PS3 Final Fantasy XIII and -2.
They are avaible here (if they're not soldout yet):

This version should also be able to read and play save files from the Japanese, US and EU versions and i think it has the japanese sountrack too(at least i think XIII does, i'm not sure if it's the same with -2)
If you want to know more about this version please visit the first post of this site:
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