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Where can I find a green(healer) chocobo?

Does anyone know where I can find a green(healer) chocobo? I have ran across purple, red, and two shades of yellow but can't seem to find the green one anywhere.

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TenraiSonzai answered:

I found mine in Yaschas Massif -110 AF- which I got to after completing Bresha ruins 3 AF and 300 AF. Using a Wild Artefact in 300 AF to unlock Yaschas Massif 110.

Make sure you can dish out plenty of damage when you fight it and have a COM that has launch. WHen low on HP the Green Chocobo uses choco-cure to fully heal itself. It's really rather annoying, I managed to tame on after only three battles though. Best of luck. ^^
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karlo918 answered:

They could be randomly encountered at Yaschas Massif, AF100 (Yashasu-san/Yashasu-yama in Japanese).
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atheistium answered:

Yaschas Massif - 100 AF -
You unlock it in Academia 400 AF bottom left portal (you'll need wild artefact to open it)
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