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Asked: 3 years ago

How come Hope still uses magic if their brands already disappeared?

L'cie brand

Accepted Answer

From: BiTronic 3 years ago

People started to develop magic powers naturally after moving to Pulse.
L'cie power is implied in XIII to be DRAWN out by Fal'cie, not granted.

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Perhaps the research in the acadamy has allowed Hope to regain the ability to use magic again?

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It is possible that he is using Manadrive technology, much like what the PSICOM soldiers used in FFXIII.

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when is Hope seen using magic again? I believe he only use his boomerang

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Hope isn't using any magic in this game. He is seen throwing his boomerang at an enemy once. The boomerang is charged with electric not magic.

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In the datalog, it says something of Etro's essence hit the ground and it spread to everyone which is why people who aren't l'Cie can use magic. The reason Hope can use magic is because he has the lingering essence of l'Cie powers in him; something to do with a crystal. Either way, it's a convoluted answer that Squeenix tries to pass off as logic.

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