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What happens to Vanille at the end of FF XIII-2?

Waiting for the game to come out has been absolutely killing me, so I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what happens to her after she turns to crystal. Im fully aware of the obvious spoilers that any answers will contain. Thank you!

I know that there are a lot of people that despise Vanille, but I happen to like her. If youre going to post PLEASE dont rant about how you dislike the character. I would just like information.


theoneTM answered:

It is a mystery. Square has not told us what happened to them. She is crystallized in one of the paradox endings in Oerba. however. It is assumed they shall stay crystallized.
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Cetra29 answered:

She and Fang will remain crystallized. Nevertheless Serah meets them while travelling through time. However they are their "ghost appearances" of course.
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Dialaurel answered:

She is still crystalized around the end of the game. Vanille said it herself that she is still sleeping and dreaming. Since dreams are linked together, she can come to Sera's dream for a short period of time and rescue her. Apparently while Vanille and Fang are in their crystal sleep, they can see other people's dream and create a projection of themselves into any dream they want.
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JanneDaArc135 answered:

It is stated that their crystals are recovered by hope before cocoon collapses. Before that she meets serah while serah is dreaming. As both of them are dreaming it is possible to meet according to Vanilla.
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Technowanderer answered:

In the noted paradox ending it's that they were thrown into the past in which they learn what Vanille did to betray Fang in a sense. In Oerba myth there's basically a legend that says two "sisters" one with red hair and one with black hair will be the ones to summon the beast yada yada, which refers to them. But Vanille ran in fear leaving Fang to have to do everything herself which she deeply regrets doing.

As for the answer at the end of 13-2 basically Hope's group successfully extracts both Fang and Vanille from the base of the crystal holding up Pulse but other then that we don't know much else because the story ends before we learn about it.
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frozenflamesss answered:

The one near the end is that Hope successfully extract the core crystal which holds Fang and Vanille, not them in a human's body, still crystals... The coming DLC should continue where it left off.
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ExtremeLight answered:

Basically if you paid attention, you would have heard that "their crystals are intact!"...
So they could be in the airship where the party meet at the end.
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