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Alternate costumes for Serah and Noel ...?

Were is the alternate costumes for Serah and Noel fight in style...?

Natalsilver provided additional details:

yes know but were to get alternate costumes for Serah and Noel ingame so i canj use ?

Natalsilver provided additional details:

yes know but were to get alternate costumes for Serah and Noel ingame so i can use... ?

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Noah_Ivaldi answered:

You can't get them in-game. You have to do what darkstar7646 said and get them as downloadable content, or you have to go without them. The downloads are not for lazy people to get the costumes without earning them in-game; they are extra bonuses for those who pay for the downloads. If you want them, you have to download them. That's just how it is.
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darkstar7646 answered:

They're downloadable content. Depending on how you ordered the game, you might be able to have one by going to the Playstation Store through "Downloadable Content" on the FF XIII-2 menu.
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darkstar7646 answered:

If you have the codes for the costumes in downloadable content, you go to the "Downloadable Content" part of the main menu (which will take you to the relevant console's store) where you can input those codes to use the alternate costumes.
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Grungst answered:

As far as I know,

Alternate costume for Serah comes with the game. That also comes with the Omega DLC.

Alternate costume for Noel will be a DLC for sale in the near future.
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Shiranui34 answered:

The PS3 was having an issue at first they sent out an update so you can use the DLC now.
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frozenflamesss answered:

No, Go to Playstation Store -> Redeem Codes in the top right corner -> Input it -> Download and Install -> Go ingame menu -> Outfit -> Should be there.
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A_Creepy_Wonka answered:

There are no costumes besides the default ones found ingame. If you wish to have another costume,you will have to go to the downloadable content area accessed through the title screen.
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Chocobocolina answered:

Costumes are available through the downloadable content ( if you're using XBOX 360 - ensure you're connected to XBOX LIVE as this option is otherwise not available). Fight in Style costumes cost you Microsoft Points - which you can obtain for free by signing up for the XBOX Live Rewards - but these points are only given sparingly.
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