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Cactuar Statue in Archylte Steppe Clearwater Marshes?

I don't know what to do... I miss one statue in Clearwater Marshes and I know which one, it's the 2nd from the left. I have the PiggyBack guide and even with it I can't make it appear... I tried all weather but it doesnt appear. I know it's suppose to spawn a giant cactuar and I need it to continue on my fragment hunt.

wartedman provided additional details:

So there is a error in the piggyback guide... the weather must be rainy not stormy... thank to Lasrod on this one!

Accepted Answer

Lasrod answered:

There is one hidden cactuar that will only be possible to find in rainy weather and with help of your awesome mog abilities. Make it rain and keep searching... :)
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