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Fragment skills activation?

I have the Fragment Skill available in my menu with an option for Mog and the Haggler skills open. No matter what I try, though, I can't turn them on. I have the xbox 360 version with the latest patch. What's wrong?

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Gvvai answered:

dear guys and gals

there is no "on" option, when you press "X" button on the skill name, you will get a small window with two options:
1. skill name
2. off

therefore, selecting the first one turns on your Fragment Skill while selecting the second one turns it off.
just remember this, the 1. option works like an "on" button.
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ReGenesis9 answered:

If you have unlocked Serendipity in the historia crux go there. Then enter the building to the left (it looks like theres a golden A above it kinda) and talk to the woman in there. If you have the necessary fragments she will grant you fragment skills!
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Antfunk answered:

I am having exactly the same problem. I have the skills for Mog's Manifestation and HagglerbutI cannot turn them on? What button did you pressas I have tried everything!
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Kazinstrife answered:

I'm in exactly the same boat - can't turn the stupid things on.
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god_mike69 answered:

Has anyone found the reason or solution to this problem? I just encountered it myself. :{
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sparkles_764 answered:

i didnt find a problem with it, i simply went into the menu, fragment skills, selected Haggler with X, then opens a little window that gives me the choice of OFF or Haggler(on).
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birthbysleep86 answered:

The problem is you have a 360
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vane_in_box answered:

Lol selecting the skill's name means activating it. Just press A and select the skill
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