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AF??? Hollow Seclusion

The alternate version of New Bohdum, I missed 2 fragments there, is there any way to get back to it?

Accepted Answer

Tyloric answered:

I'm not certain which version of New Bodhum you mean, so I'll provide answers for both possibilities.

New Bodhum in The Void Beyond (Serah's Dream):

To re-access this area, reset time to Academia -4XX AF- and replay through the events there (this will require the 'Promises' Gate Seal). Once you go through the gate, you will have to fight Caius again (if you did it once, you can do it again. If you're this post game, make sure the fragment skill Paradox Scope is off. Once you defeat Caius, you will be in New Bodhum dreamland.

New Bodhum -700 AF-

Simply reset time and go through the events again. This will require the 'Sisters' Gate Seal.
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