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How do I beat Caius (Paradox Ending)?

How do I beat him. So unfair. He could heal himself and plus, one of his attacks ko'ed serah with one hit. I maxed out 4 classes already, but I still can't beat him. Any advice? Thanks.

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ifostastic answered:

Is this the Paradox Ending with just Serah and the monster? You may want to wait til you max the whole crystarium. Even at that point I still had to have a monster Sentinel present most of the time. Caius sucks. Most importantly, you need to consistently do enough damage to override his Regen effect. Get a good monster Sentinel, and make sure Serah is a great Saboteur, Ravager, Commando, and Medic at least. It wouldn't hurt for her to know all of her Synergist abilities either. Also her weapon that gives her +50% ATB rate probably couldn't hurt, I believe that drops off the Immortal boss in the Steppe (Stoneslump Wastelands, Cloudy). It's either from him or from Ochu (Clearwater Marshes, Rainy).
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Diminuend0 answered:

Try use wound till he only has 25% hp, it will take some time but thats how I beat him.
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