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Silver Chocobo?

What's the best way to raise a silver chocobo?


ssilver7 answered:

All potent items if you want to race it, vitality if you want it only as a sentinel.
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FluttershyStare answered:

Use the gold for racing, because he otherwise is useless. Plus they both have the same race stats at level 45 if you level them with potent materials.
The Silver makes a top sentinel if you build him in full-vitality, the other best sentinel being the Lancer. Although the silver Chocobo looks pretty sweet with the 'summoned monster shine' on the battlefield so I prefer him.
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Narutaru86 answered:

First of all consider that if you want to race, having more than 800 str, 800 mag and 5000 HP is useless!!!
Almost every chocobo reach these stats at full develop but Silver chocobo is the one that costs less.
Try to use as much potent items as possible: at level 45 it will have about 800 str, 800 mag and more than 6000 HP. One suggestion:
wait untill you have all the component you need to raise your chocobo and use all of them at the same time: if you don't like the final stats simply reload and try something different.
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