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Asked: 3 years ago

Is the best ravager lightning?

After you download the DLC and get Lightning XIII version crystal,is she the best ravager in the game? Thanks in advance :)

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From: FluttershyStare 3 years ago

Cloudburst actually is better if your only objective is to boost the chain gauge (which should be, since that's the only role of a ravager) because of his capped cast speed. Plus he got a much better feral link which is really helpful. Although if you want to do more damage (For some reasons), lightning is better all around.

But really, they're quite the same, the top three ravagers are nearly all alike (Cloudburst, Lightning and Blue Chocobo). So take the one you prefer, maybe I would use lightning if she had kept her Valhalla armor, but she doesn't, so I use Cloudburst and he really destroys everything. Plus he got some swag.

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Quite possibly. I believe she's the only Ravager with a full 6 ATB Gauges and her casting rate is good.

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Cloudburst is really the best... it's sad they made Lightning as a Ravager. I really wish she had been a Commando =/ Go with Cloudburst... feral link recharges super nice and the link is the best.

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She is the hottest Ravager.


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