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Best accessories?

Right now, I'm only using Magistral Crest and a Delicate Magician's Mark for Serah. For Noel, I use Kaiser Knuckles and Grimoire's Hat. I just wanna know what you guys/gals use? :)

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Where do i get durable collector's catalog??

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MrFAQs answered:

Best Accessories that work for me are
Durable Hermes Sandals + Grimoire Hat for the main leader (in my case, Noel
Durable Collectors catalogue for the reserve leader (Serah
With these you get Max drop rates, and in conjunction with romulus & remus and Indrajit, a rapidly recovering ATB gauge, with your leader in Haste most of the time, every time you use a potion, you can guarantee your ATB has at least filled to the half way point
This is my all around setup which i rarely change
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gimliskar answered:

I had a setup similar to yours. Then when I got gold chocobo went to race it and got 2 durable collectors catalogs. 5 star now gives 320% rare, 500% normal items and about 3x as much gil. The monsters in this game are basically a joke, with the exception of Yomi, so the added bonuses for str and mag aren't all that important.

Otherwise you could level a moblin or buccaboo (both in steppes) for gilfinder 2, and apotamkin (dying world/new bodhum 700) for item collector or calautidon ( sunleth 300) for item scavenger.
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Fakiren answered:

Best for Noel if u use him as commando is 4 Delicate power wristbands that gives u 8% times 4 + in combo with most weapons gives u the hidden ability vampire strikes with mostly 5% or more. that means 5% of your damage becomes health. i have 1200 strength on Noel and each hit on chain 100% gives about 250 health that is nearly invulnerablity.

Best for Sarah is the same but use 4 delicate magic marks

For fights where you want damage resistance i would use either of the 2 genji acc, combined wiith either a black belt or rune armlet.
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Onihane answered:

On noel I go between 4x delicate power wrists and Hermes Sandals, Hero's Amulet, Delicate Brawlers. Great for extended fights like yomi.

On serah I go between 4x delicate iron bangle and magestral crest and hermes sandals.
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kajiwht answered:

Ide say it really depends on your setup, strategy and weapon
Why you ask... it's simple... different weapons and accessory combinations give you different skills
AND, which stats are better depend on your strategy.
If you want speed for instance... you can go for Indrajit (+50% atb) and durable magistral crest (15% atb)
Durable Collector Catalog can help you with farming
+% resist and status resist can help you with specific fights
Role jewels (Berserker's Ruby, Blaster's Saphire etc etc) can help you with focused roles

Or you can dare some other combos
such as speed + disturb (attack fast and disturb your enemy's attacks) Indrajit + Durable Sniper's Eye
if you want STR + MAG setup... you can go for Nagaraja and 2x Durable Shaman's Mark (increase 1 stats and replicate to the other stat)

I like the good for everything combo myself... Odinbolt + Durable Magistral Crest... power and speed
The +1 ATB stuff is also good...

But you can go for synthethic ability combos... like going vampiric strike (multiple delicate power wristband and Grashita)
or HP surge (multiple delicate iron bangle and Mac an Luin)

It really depends on what you want to do, what role you will need to exploit the most....
There are setups for SEN for instance... Sargatanas and Delicate Twist Headband x3 = Damage Wall)
RAV improved stagger = Arcus Chronica + Martyr's Badge
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Sir_Griever answered:

I just put 4 delicate power wrists on both my characters. Once her magic is high enough, you don't need to boost Serah's magic, so the power wrists are just for the vampyric strike. You can pretty much defeat Long Gui without healing once you have Vampyric strike on both characters and a good third monster. Maxed out Odin and Noel as a commando and Serah to switch between sab and rav and you can kill him in one stagger, provided you end it with Zantetsuken, or Noel's Limit Break. All fights are easy when healing is taken out of the equation.
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keirull answered:

Durable Collectors Catalog is best equip when farming GIL or MATERIALS.
Durable Hermes Sandals or Durable Hypnocrown is great when fighting tough bosses.
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dragonloverlord answered:

Durable collectors catalog and durable hermes sandals plus durable hypno crown is what I use.
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