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I can't get Moogle Throw to work do I need to unlock it?

I'm not terribly far in the game I've only gotten to the 5th part of the time line. I'd like to be able to throw Mog, but he/she doesn't respond when I press L1.
Is it a skill I need to unlock somehow?

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Thank you!

Accepted Answer

AZorro007 answered:

You have to proceed along in the game to reach and be able to enter a place called "Serendipity".

Once you have done that, there is a person one talks to "inside" who, if you have collected the "right" fragments, will give you the moogle throw capability.

Until then, you will have to move along without it. You will be able to return to the places where you wanted to use it at a later time.
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koza answered:

You have to visit the Casino timeline, and optain the Moggle Throw skill (rightmost hut, where you will obtain rest of the skills you unlock...). Then you can activate that skil in the main menu...
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