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Asked: 3 years ago

How do i unlock the Ochu Fragment Quest ?

I have done mostly the stuff in The Archylte Steppe and for some reason it wont let me do this quest.... need help badly :(.

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From: Sir_Griever 3 years ago

In order to face Ochu, you must have defeated all cactaur stones. These are the fights with the Gigantaurs. Then a hunter at the Nomad camp will give you the quest for Ochu. Gigantaur isn't as tough as he looks, but if you struggle with him, you may have difficulty defeating Ochu.

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I have done the three Gigantaurs and it still hasnt let me talk to the hunter for the quest :(

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Have you spoken to the Nomad outside the Chocobo Pen?

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I havnt been able to talk to anybody.

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Ensure you have touched all 5 cactaur stones. Plains of Eternity in any weather, Grave Ridge in any weather, Grave Ridge with cloudy weather, Clearwater Marshes in any weather and another in Clearwater Marshes in stormy weather. You should get 5 fragments.

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I havnt touched the Amber one yet i think that could be the problem there, thanks =]

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First you need to complete the main story line quests then you need to find all 3 of the green cactuar statues then touch all four of the red statues then find the yellow cactuar statue which can be found during windy weather which that one can aid you in finding one of the red stones then once you have done all that talk to a nomad at the camp sight located outside of the chocobo pen she has to have a talk bubble over her head you will then obtain chocobos for the area then go up the ramp towards the weather controlling devicee and talk to the girl you got the sheep quest from then switch the weather to rainy and head to the water area to the east

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