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How do I get Academia -4XX AF- 100% map completion?

On the Academia 4XX AF map, I have 99% completion. On the west side of the map (New Town), in the southwestern part of that area, there's a small room that it says I need to enter. However, it's behind bars, and I can't get in. How do I get in?

MoogleSummoner provided additional details:

I tried going there in 400 AF but the area was still locked.

mohrgears asked for clarification:

I'm having the same issue, I've tried all three academia timelines but i can't find that last 1% and the one spot is barred in all timelines...

Accepted Answer

MoogleSummoner answered:

I figured it out, it's not actually in the locked room. Take the stairs down and then run to the same spot, it's a small alley.
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mattw89 answered:

It sounds like you have to enter that location in a different time. I thought you could do everything in the 4XX time, but you may need to go the the regular 400 to get there.
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