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Best Sentinel?

All Sentinel abilities can be infused, so I don't care about that. Also, unless I'm wrong, I don't think that Strength OR Magic stats matter at all in a Sentinel monster. So basically I'm asking which Sentinel has the highest potential HP. I don't plan on using anything other than Vitality Drops/Slivers/etc. but if somebody has found a better setup (i.e. using Potent or even Power materials) with a Sentinel, I'd like to hear it.

CallMeBanjo provided additional details:

@wDxBlackBlade I've heard that Bunkerbeast is good, but I'm looking for something definite here.


wDxBlackBlade answered:

The best sentinel I have used and I have not even started upgrading it yet is Bukerbeast, its part of the Aramdillan Sentinel group and as far as I am aware he has the largest HP standard out of them all and gets massive gains when uopgraded. The reason I have not upgraded is there is no need to he does fine as standard. However the best sentinel in the game I would have to say is Noel.
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