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Where can I find Durable Collector catalog & Collector catalog?

Thx for ur helppp

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Apollo211 answered:

You can win Collector Catalogs in the Dahaka Stakes race in the Fal' Cie class of the Chocobo races. To get the durable version you need the catalog (obviously), 2 Phoenix Blood which you can buy in Serendipity for 1100 credits (11.000 Gil) and 2 Sunpetals which are a rare drop from Microchus in the Steppe around the water part during the rain.
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4evergaming answered:

Collector's Catalog is ONLY available from the Fal'Cie Class Chocobo Race: Dahaka Stakes.

Durable Collector's Catalog is only available Post Game from the Chocolina Special section in the Archylte Steppe. It requires a 25,000+ Gil, Collector's Catalog, 2 Sun petals, and 2 vials of Phoenix Blood.
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