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Serendipity Lucky Coin Fragment?

Where can I get the Lucky Coin Fragment in Serendipity? It's not a prize, so how can i obtain it?

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Timshel1022 answered:

Get enough money to get about 5,000 coins (50,000 gil) and then talk to the lady in the casino next to one of the slot machines. If she says the machine is on fire then get in and start playing the slots. If not, then save your game and exit to the main menu and reload it 'til she says that. Start playing the slot machines. You need a combined earning of 7,777 coins to get that fragment. You can play the machine multiple times until you meet that goal. It's easiest just to tape down the L1 button and let it play automatically whil eyou go do something else. If you're lucky, when you get back to the game you'll have obtained the fragment.
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Mookiethebold answered:

You need to win 7777 coins on the slot machines in one play session. If you need some tips about how to do this, do a topic search for "lucky coin" on the message board. There are numerous topics about it.
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