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Bresha Ruins 005AF Map Completion 100%?

Hey, please help!

When Atlas caved the wall in, I ran back to buy stuff at the shop and went around the other way to fight him. Then the world repaired itself and I can't get to that area anymore for map completion. I tried rewinding time, but he doesn't break the wall again.

Is there a way I can get to that section?

Please and thankyou!

valhansen asked for clarification:

I'm having the same problem... The only area i can not get to is on the far east of the map. I have the BIG jump (or whatever its called) I have 300af and 5 af unlocked... do i need 100af before i can complete??/

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Mookiethebold answered:

There are two other timelines for the Bresha Ruins - 100 AF and 300 AF - that you will need to visit and explore in order to get the full 100% map completion. Just continue on with the story and eventually you will get access to those places.
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