Question from nodrog78

Where can I find saddle sore trophy?

Which races do i have to win in order to get the saddle sore trophy?

Accepted Answer

Devilmaycry245 answered:

It's not races you have to do, it's riding the chocobo like in Bodhum or in the Sunleth waterscape. You have to get 10,000 steps with the chocobo and get off it to get the trophy
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Mookiethebold answered:

You don't get it from racing chocobos, you get it by riding a regular chocobo out in the wild of any map for 10,000 steps. Just get on a choco and put a rubberband on your analog stick to keep moving, leave your game for an hour or two, then come back and dismount the choco to see if the trophy pops. If not, get back on for a little while then check again.
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Timshel1022 answered:

Here's what I did to get it, I just rode around in 4XX Academia looking for Captain Cryptic to get the fragment from him. So if you haven't done that, it can be quite difficult to locate him so you can possibly gain that trophy. Also, you can look for the hidden treasure chests too in all the nooks and crannies. You don't need to get off to open those unless they're hidden but jsut ignore those until you get hte trophy.
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