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Odin/Sazh one-time only?

Are the Twilight Odin and Sazh monster crystals one time only? I released Odin with the hopes of getting a better one but it seems he's a one time deal. Is Sazh the same way?

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Ishakaru answered:

Yes, once per gameplay.
To get Odin again you would have to start a brand new game.

Same goes for any monsters you get from throwing mog. As well as the huge cactus dude you fight after touching the statues.

On a related note, I didn't think the stats changed at all crystal to crystal when talking about the exact same creature. Now the same type of creature (like the different forms scandroids) yea I would expect different stats. And even if they did change: would the difference be large enough to even bother with? (my guess is if there is a difference, it's a couple of points, hardly worth the effort of selecting release option much less getting the crystal to drop again.)
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BloodRedVegita answered:

You can get Sazh's Crystal again by locking Serendipity and doing the quest again. or so I've heard.
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MrFAQs answered:

For odin, you shouldnt really bother noticing his ridiculously low stats, because they increase wildy, as he is a late bloomer, maxing out at lv 99, with roughly 950 str, 500 mag, and 12000-13000 hp, so dont bother restarting for an odin with better stats, he always starts in the dump
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MangoEater answered:

I think Odin is a one-time deal even with Time Reversal. Sazh, on the other hand, can be earned by replaying his episode.
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