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Trouble finishing Augusta Tower map?

I have 98% completion of the map for Augusta Tower, but I have checked both 200 and 300 AF, and have visited all floors, and the only spot i see in dark blue on the map is a platform on the 51st floor, to the north of the elevator.

However, I have no idea how to reach it. I'm 98% certain that its all i need to complete the paradox professor quest, please help!

B01t provided additional details:

Thanks, i eventually found the corresponding switch.


AZorro007 answered:

You can reach all spots on the 51st floor by rotating the rooms properly.

Some rooms have internal rotation stations, others have external rotation stations.

There are room rotation control stations on the walkway near the central elevator and, at least in one place, on the middle walkway as well.

Check all of those to reach all spots on the 51st floor.

When I was at 98% my problem was that I needed to go to the 12th floor and complete my coverage there. Just in case, I remark that you need to return to Augusta Tower 300 AF to complete that coverage. That is, once you have access Key 13, go back to the top floor in Augusta Tower 300 AF, use the console in the central elevator area, and go down to the 12th floor.
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