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I cant use my DLC in game? y?

I download dlc from psn and install but it wont work in game at all.. both outfits, lightning pack and sazh's.. y?


4evergaming answered:

In order to get the Outfits you must have access to the Main Menu while controlling Serah and Noel. Then select outfits.

In order for you to use the Lightning (Coliseum) and Sazh (Serendipity) DLC you must have access to the Historia Crux and then go left from New Bodhum 003 AF.

IF you have tried these steps and they aren't working, then you are probably playing a different version of the game from where your PSN account is set up, in other words you may have downloaded the wrong version of the DLC for the version of the game you have.
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