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Where is exactly all of the gravitational cores?

I know in which worlds they are but I can't seem to find them.

Maistro998 provided additional details:

I mean where are they exactly in these worlds.


johnny2475 answered:

Alpha is in New bodum300af
Beta is in Bresha ruins005af
Gamma is in Oreba200af
Delta is in Acedemia400af
Epsilon is in Yachas massif100af
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AZorro007 answered:

There are seven of them.

To find them in the various worlds go to the Fragments Menu and look at each entry under the Gravitron Core category. There will be a picture there for each of the Gravitron Cores not yet found.

Pick a particular Gravitron Core entry and study the picture presented. It shows the "general" location of the Gravitron Core you are looking for. Actually, in most cases, the location in a particular world is pretty precisely presented.

So, given you know the world and now have a picture of where in the world the "precise" location is, your task is to go to the world and match the picture display to the terrain features you find in that world.

Once this is done, look carefully for the core. They are "out-of-phase" objects that are sometimes hard to see. (For example, in Oerba 200, the "out-of-phase" core is best seen when the sun is at a low angle so the rooftop location has "favorable" illunination) You will need to use Moogle Hunt to collect them.
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Justis_Ruble answered:

There are also 2 more that arent required for the quest that are hidden throughout the game.
1: Graviton Core Zeta is hidden in Oerba 400 AF
2: Graviton Core Eta is hidden in Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF
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