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How do I get the Managarmr Monster Crystal?

What is the ideal experience level and paradigm for getting the Managarmr Monster Crystal?

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kirbyfan_1 answered:

In his bestiary description it says " employs powerful lightning based attacks"
I would normally recommend a sentinel draw away the attacks but his attacks are area effecting ones
I would suggest grinding for a little and leveling up. After you level up he is extremely
Easy but you can spend a while trying to get his monster crystal. It's a fairly small chance to capture it, however their are many ways to increase the chance.
One way is to have the Fragment skill that increases your chances by twenty- percent.
This help ALOT .
Another way is to kill him with a feral link ability. The better the percentage on the button combo the better your chances of getting him( it helped for me when I caught lightning's monster crystal)
For example if you kill him with a feral link you get 200 percent on then you get him twice as easy
So use a monster with a high feral link percentage
I used Twilight Odin when I caught lightning and Jihl Nabaat .

Hope I helped and good luck.
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