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Asked: 2 years ago

Detail on the Battlemania fragment skill?

I couldn t find specifics informations on the internet about it.

Which monster are concerned exactly? I mean beside the rare monsters, what defines a 'strong' monster?
Is it affected by your current character stats? Is it more about all the rare spawn monsters like the chocobos? Will i be able to encounter more Shaguma/Haguma with it on?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Turns out i just had to use it for 30 minutes to figure it out.

For those who are still wondering, it goes like this :
-All rare spawn monster are stronger is some way, so they all pop a LOT more (you will see the difference in minutes)
-For those who decided to get 100% info (+tame if possible) I recommend to wait for that fragment skill, as I wasted about 30 hour trying to get some rare monsters that i finally got within an hour with battlemania. Yes, it's THAT strong.

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It's not affected by stats. I know for certain that it makes 'rift' monsters appear more frequently, like Tonberry (the rifts are the vortexes that appear instead of normal monsters). Chocobos will *not* appear more frequently with Battlemania. Not sure on things like Haguma, but IIRC I found them frequently in the north mountain pass in Vile Peaks.
Don't know how 'rare' is defined, sorry. Been looking for that info as well.

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I haven't tried Battlemanie off for Haguma/Shaguma, but I needed them for my bestiary. They appeared very often with it on for me. They appeared just about every other fight. They're the passive ones who won't rush at you right away so you can pre emptive them. If they rush at you right away, it's probably Yaksha and Yakshini.

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if your looking for a way to recieve more shaguma and haguma monster crystals you also need the fragment skill encounter master on. I have found that if you have both the encounter master fragment skill and the battlemania fragment skill on at the the same time you will increase you chances by at least 50-60% to get any monster that you are wanting. Hope this helps if you need anymore info just ask i'll provide the answers

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