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Catching Blue Chocobos?

Im sure this has been posted elsewhere and i have read several FAQ's about it but still have been unable to catch a blue chocobo. I have fought around 15-20 of them and no luck, have killed them using feral link and still nada. anyone know the % of obtaining the crystal? any info on catching red and green ones would be appreciated


tempest_storm34 answered:

Look the Monster FAQ for info.
Blue: sunny Clearwater Marshes seems to be best. The rate is 15%, but I know it seems like much less. Use Pupu's or Twilight Odin's feral link to get close to 999% sync rate. Feral Speed II and Hypnocrowns will help restore the FL gauge faster. And turn off Battlemania (apparently chocobos aren't considered rare).

Green: more complicated since it only spawns often in 110 AF crossroads with the wild chocobo (close to the Academy HQ). Remember, turn Battlemania off.
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Winx_Guy57 answered:

Red: I usually find them on the Steppe near where you fight Yomi ( Stormy Weather ) but in Sunny or Cloudy Weather. Funny thing, after taking about 45 mins to get the BC cyrstal, the next 6 encounters in a row were all BC.... -_- Game, Y U TROLL ME!!
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