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I have a problem with chocobo racing?

So.. I leveled a silver chocobo to 45 using all health materials, to make him a super badass SEN.

However, I'm now realizing I need the silver chocobo for racing.. Does it matter that I didn't use the "attribute" materials, and used health ones instead?

Or should I just catch another chocobo of different colour and use it? I'm sort of confused at this point!

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AZorro007 answered:

I leveled up a Silver Chocobo to level 45 using all "Potient" materials (is that what you mean by "health"?) and found it to be a very good racer.

It had Speed A, Stamina A plus Blue Streak and Dark Horse capabilities.

Use the chocobo primarily as a "front runner" and apply the "boost" capability carefully. Occasionally, a "come from behind" strategy using "Blue Streak" may be needed to win a race.

I was able to win all the possible prizes available in the chocobo races with this bird. It routinely "blew away" the competition in the first three race classes; usually won in the fourth class and, with retries, won all the races needed to get all the prizes involving wins of races in the fifth race class.

If you don't want to be bothered with retries, you can always use "infusion" to add racing skills to the Silver Chocobo skill set and generally make it an even more powerful racer.

Additionally, from board discussion it is my understanding that, if you wish, you can create a winning bird from almost any chocobo type by leveling up and infusing capabilities from other fiends to make it a strong winner.

I only needed the leveled-up Siver Chocobo to get every thing I wanted though.
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