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Can i defeat caius in level 1 only?

Can u pls help me to defeat caius in 200af? because his always heal


shycool answered:

This fight is very difficult especially because this is the first time you fight him and of course, he uses Body and Mind to heal himself. you can stop the healing either.

If you use the paradigm shifts, cerberus (3 coms), tri-disaster (3 ravs), relentless attack (2 ravs, com), tortoise (3 sen), and a diversity (med, com, rav) you can hammer away at his health, by using relentles attack and then tri disaster for stagger and cerberus after the stagger, after he uses Body and Mind to heal, use tortoise to guard blast wave. Resort to potions if medic isnt available.

If you cant beat him with this method, you'll have to utilise a double saboteur (with wound) class while he is in stagger. Body and mind will not heal him as much and he will be a lot easier to kill, you might not get 5 stars though.
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