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Archylte Steppe: Moving the Long Gui? (Spoilers)

So i'm at the Archylte Steppe. Year unknown. And I have to move the Long Gui to get to the Paradox. The woman i spoke to says they're afraid of lightning. So, obviously i changed the weather to stormy. The Long gui disappeared, however so did the paradox monster. How do i move the long gui and keep the paradox?
All help appreciated.

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From: 4evergaming 2 years ago

Okay, pull both levers forward, and then put the LEFT lever back. This will allow you to activate the 'Stormy' but not Rainy weather mode. Note: During 'Stormy' Weather you can encounter Cie'th and a VORTEX might appear which contains 'METALGIGANTAUR'! Warning: METALGIGANTAUR uses 10,000 Needles and will likely 1HK you unless you're massively Overpowered (Obtain Atlas and Royal Ripeness Full Power 5-STAR Kills before attempting to kill MGG, In my opinion.

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You have to use the weather machine, but change the weather to the thundering with a sunny sky... (The screen flickers occasionally like it's about to get dark.)

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