Question from reks_rikuono

Asked: 2 years ago

Lightning and Amador???

So, I just downloaded the DLC to fight and recruit Lightning and Amador. Well in short, I kicked their asses, but they didn't join my team. What's going on??

Additional details - 2 years ago

Okay, I got Amador on my second try. But lightning won't join my team. I've fought them like 20 times at nothing I do will get lightning to join. But at least I know that its possible, so i'll just keep trying!

Accepted Answer

From: MalachiYaDig 2 years ago

It's just like a normal monster, sometimes they'll join your team, sometimes they won't. If they didn't, just talk to the Arbitrar of time and re-battle them. I just got lightning but Amador is being stubborn.

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you can obtain both of their crystals. But like malachiyadig said ..amador can take awhile to get his crystal..i got it after fighting over and over for 2 hours before i got his.

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