Question from ruuchan

Asked: 2 years ago

Yomi is a no show what am I doing wrong?

I received the quest, changed the weather to stormy went to where the way point is got off the chocobo nothing.
I have also tried going back to the Historia Crux and back, still nothing.

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From: evildart17 2 years ago

Try changing the weather to sunny/cloudy/rainy then change it back to stormy then go to were he is and see if he shows.

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Make sure you dont get confused between stormy/rainy, or stormy/cloudy, as they can be confusing
I believe Stormy is with both Levers pointing upwards, and it is the darkest weather setting

and an obvious thing to do, go to the top part of the pillar, not just the lowered point, i have done this before and it took me a few minutes to realize that i wasnt going high enough onto the pillar

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