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Asked: 2 years ago

Pet's crystarium?

Again with another crystarium questions. For pets there are many different things to "feed" it which gives different stats (Atk, Mag, Hp, etc) and there are big and small nodes. So do i just spam the "food" that gives boosts to all aspects or is there a guide i can refer to?

Additional details - 2 years ago

So like planning is not worth it and its better to spam in the material to boost all stats am right?

About the DLC is it suppose to be free? I have to pay for mine

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I preferred the materials that boosted all the stats. The benefit to the others is that on the big nodes, it gives a bigger boost to that one element. Takes some planning for what seems like negligible payback, though some might argue the planning was worth it. It wasn't to me, and I've beaten the game 100%, besides the DLC.

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