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All All Questions for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat Caius? (spoilers) 0
Can I Fight Rapsatil Again? 4
Can someone help fix my Gilgamesh strategy and build for characters? 1
Finding Cryohedron? 3
Fragment Enemies Respawn? 3
Gilgamesh? 1
Having problems with Raspatil? 3
How do I beat (Lightning and Amodar)? 4
How do I beat (raspatil)? 2
How do I beat caius in 200af? 1
How do i beat Caius Noel Alone? 10
How do I beat Gilgamesh with Etro Lightning? 1
How do I beat Illuyankes? 1
How do I beat Jihl? 4
How do I beat Nabat (DLC)? 2
How do I beat the boss on the steppe? 4
How do I beat the final boss? 7
How do I beat Valfodr at Level 70? 2
How do I can up recruit chance ? 3
how do I defeat zenobia ? 1
How do i encounter Ochu/Invicible? 3
How do I fight Centaurion again? 4
How do I find (fomoire's giant arm)? 3
How do I get Pink Lily Monster? 1
How do you beat caius solo with serah with the paradox (the real way) on this stupid game? 3
How to fight another bosses? 4
How to fight Raspital(?) again? 5
How to get lightning crystal? I tried 10x so far i have the crystal fragment. 2
Is red chocobo considered............? 1
Lightning? 2
Monster Locations??? 2
Where to find Tonebarry? 5
Why can't I capture another Frag Leech? 1
(Feral) Behemoth or Reaver? 1
All the unique monsters for Battlemania skill? 4
Bonus on first fight of the game? 1
Caius battle With Just Serah Twice? 1
Can you still make Adamantortoises appear and Adamanchiled's after Mark Mission #63? 5
Capturing Thexteron? 1
Capturing Xolotl? 4
Cloudburst? 2
Dreadnought Location How to spawn it plss!!? 2
Fair Fighter Achievement? 6
FFXIII-2: Where can i find the catcherchipillar? 4
Finding Chelicerata? 1
Full power atlas Role setups? 1
How can i find Tezcatlipoca? 5
How do catch Moblin? 2
How do I beat (Aloedei)? 1
How do I beat (Faryl) from the Archilte Steppe? 5
How do I beat (raspital)? 1
How do I beat Aloeidai? 1
How do I beat atlas in full health? 6
How do I beat Caius (Paradox Ending)? 2
How do I beat Gilgamesh? 1
How do I beat lightning in coliseum? 3
How do I beat Long Gui? 2
How do I beat Ochu? 1
How do I beat this yomi guy? 1
How do I beat Tonberry? 2
How do I beat Valfodr at Level 45? 2
How do I beat yomi? 3
How do I capture Synergist/Medic monster? 1
How do I catch (feral Behemoth)? 4
How do I catch monsters? 6
How do I find (dreadnaught)? 6
How do I find Exoray? 2
How do I find Fencer and Miquiztli? 1
How do I find Triffid? 1
How do i get "his royal ripeness" to mutate into the giant flan?? 1
How do I tame green/blue/purple chocobo? 4
How do I tame Tezcatlipoca? 2
How to beat Proto-Behemoth? 4
How to get Immortal to reappear on Archilete Steppe? 1
How to get maximum gil from Raspatil? 1
How to I get a five-star on Chaos Bahamut? 1
I beat Omega...but?? 4
I cant do time reversal on Academia 400AF, why?? 3
Monster which had 20% Magic attack? 1
No Behemoth King? 1
Obtaining Monster Crystals? 1
Spawning tezcatlipoca? 3
Tezcatlipoca? 1
What level does my party need to ve to beat the final boss? 1
What monsters learn deathblow and powerchain? 1
Where can I find Miquiztli and Tezcatlipoa? 2
Where can i find this monster Tezcatlipoca? 1
Where can I find Vouivre? 1
Where do I find Don Tonberry In Bresha 100 AF? 1
Where is Navidon? 1
Yomi? 7

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Academia AF500 map completion 100%? 2
Academia map completion ? 1
Bresha Ruins 300AF? 3
Comm Device? 2
Help!? 2
How could I solve the Paradox Professor by having all the Map with 100%? 2
How do I find the sporty wristwatch? 1
How do I know if I already had Rangda? 3
How do I solve Aacdemia 500 Map compete? 2
How do I solve Show off your "bestiary"? 3
How do I solve the control password quest? 1
How do I unlock chocobos? 1
How to get 100 percent on Archyite Steppe? 5
How to solve the problem of paradox professor? quest 3
I need help with finding the proof of terrorist activity in Yaschas Massif 110AF.? 2
Impact break and break burst & map 100% complete problem? 4
Lex in Lake Bresha Ruins 300AF? 1
Librascope? Monster bestiary? 4
Locked Locations l Wild Artefacts? 4
Looking for the two capsules in Bresha Ruins, where are they? 2
Mimi and Bampama? 2
Monster Professor problem. Could someone help me? 6
Need help last 3 gravity cores? 1
Proffesor Paradox: HELP ME? 2
Proffesor Paradox: im not doing it right or my game is glitched? 1
Rossweisse skyblossom fragment? 1
The crystal puzzle ? 2
Trouble finishing Augusta Tower map? 1
Where do I find Truffid in the Steppes? 4
Why do should i close gates? 2
Academia 100%? 2
Adamantite ring qeust 300af bresha? 1
af Oreba 300 Clock Mog? 2
Archylte steppe help? 3
Archylte Steppe? 2
Augusta Tower 200 AF? 1
Augusta Tower 300AF- Cannot get 100% completion? 1
Bestiary Fragment Quest-Giant Cactuar help? 2
Bestiary Fragment Quest-Proto Fal'Cie Adam? 1
Bresha 300af temporal rift stage 3? 1
Cactuar Statue in Archylte Steppe Clearwater Marshes? 1
Can i get out of here? 2
Cannot find gate for 300 af sunleth waterscape???? 1
Captain Cryptic Locations? 1
Completed Bestiary didn't get fragment? 2
Completing Bestiary? 1
Control Device Password 2? 1
easy mode for BESTIARY QUEST? 2
Find the three fallen stars? - Yaschas Massif 01xAF Side Quest 1
Fragment quest abou the bestiary? 1
Help with Archylte Steppe? 1
How can I get the Chocobo to jump to the elevated ledge in AF110 Yaschas Massif? 2
How do I find the Recording Device? 1
How do I get past the force field? 1
How do I get the Cores? 2
How do I get the Technician in Yaschas Massif 110AF to talk? 2
How do I give the Chaos crystal to hope to complete the Odin weapon quest? 1
How do I reach the western 40% of the "A Dying World? 1
How do I solve (three fallen stars)? 1
How do i solve adamatite ring quest? 2
How do I solve Book of Shambala Clock puzzle? 1
How do I solve Oerba 400 hands of time? 5
How do I solve The Treasure Cube in Omega DLC? 2
How do I trigger the "ortlinde's bloom" side quest in Yaschas Massif (110AF)? 1
How do I unlock Bresha Ruins in the winter? 2
How long does it take to get the 7777 fragment)? 4
How to 100% archylte Steppe ??? AF? 1
How to star a side quest in Archylte Steppe? 2
How to unlock a gate in Academia 400AF? 2
I can't "turn in" the mission to complete the bestiary (FF XIII-2)? 5
I can't get the "the future is Hope" ending? 1
I can't unlock Yaschas Massif 010 AF? 1
I need help with time of hands puzzles please help? 2
Locking Gates? 1
Lucky Coins Fragment (FFXIII-2) help please? 2
Map turn-in glitch? 2
New Bodhum -003- AF Travel guide? 1
Passcodes 1+2? 2
Side quest in Yaschas Massif 110 AF? 2
Temporal Rift Oerba 400AF Hands of Time? (does not change like others) 4
The Atlas Control device 2nd password labyrinth??? 1
Time/age constraints on Hunt-for-an-item side quests? 1
Vile Peaks 10AF? 2
Vita Lyrica Mission Bug, please HELP!? 1
Where are the chocobo chicks? 1
Where do i find the watch? 1
where is Miquiztli? 2
Where is Paradox Agent Type C? 4
Where is the clueless guy? 1
Where is the lady I give the behemoth fang to for quest? 1
Which gate do I close to replay episode 2? 1
Wich gate should i close to replay sunleth waterscape fragment? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Moogle Manifestations in the Coliseum? 0
A dying world 700 af wild fragment? 2
Academia 4XX AF Fragment? 2
Can i obtain another monster crystal after I use it? 8
Can i wear more accesories?if possible,how? 1
Can you buy potent, vitality, power and mana crystals? 2
Collesium Chest? 3
Detail on the Battlemania fragment skill? 3
Fragment Skill (itParadox ending)? 2
Gandiva indrajit ? 1
Genji Bow? 2
How can i find the key or item to open the gate to Vile Peak AF200? 4
How do I activate time reversal for A Dying World 700AF? 1
How i get the stuff from the dlc..? 5
How many fortune medals do I need to complete the Sazh episode? 3
How to get lightning with armor ? 2
how to replay Archilte Steppe? 3
I can't upgrade my Collector's catalog? 3
I have completed all 160 fragment? 4
I just beat the lightning DLC Story why? 1
Is this correct? (Fragments question) 1
Item Finder/Gil Finder? 1
Monster Crystals? 2
New Bodhum ???AF fragment los 1
Paradox Scope? 2
Rare item drops? 1
Re-play Moogle Hunt Tutorial? 3
Serah's weapon? 5
The picture frame? 1
Travel Guide Fragments? 2
What do i do to get all Frags on new bohdum? 2
What do I do with all my components? 1
What is a good weapon to have for Noel in chapter 5? 1
Whats the easiest way to get monster items? 1
Where can I farm lvl 4-5 mana mechanical items? 1
Where can I find (Chaos Crystal)? 3
Where can I find a wild artefact? 3
Where can I find Graviton Core Epsilon? 1
Where can i find item Scavanger? 1
Where can I find mana enhancing 5 star monster materials? 2
Where can I find Seraphic Wing weapon? 2
Where can I find The gate seal that seals Academia 4XXAF? 2
Where can i find the item Spined Horns? 2
Where can I find the Promises Gate Seal? 2
Where can I find the third and fourth affectionate message fragments? 4
Where can I find the time reversal item for Academia 4XX? 2
Where can I find the violet crystal in the clearwater marshes? 2
Where can I find trapezohedrons? 4
Where can I find Traphezdron? 5
Where can I find wild thing trophy? 1
Where is Cordelia? 1
Why can't I get Chocobo Figurine in Bresha? 2
"Ultimate" Weapons? 7
'Item Collector' on a Monster? 1
A Dying World 700 AF? 2
Academia map 100%? 2
Alternate costumes for Serah and Noel ...? 8
Archityte Steppe ???AF gate Seal? 1
Archylte Steppe Locked Gate? 1
Are the catelogs' benefits stackable? 1
At which part of Augusta Tower 14/15 floor can I find Red Beacon? 1
Beloved Cinnamon Fragment? 2
Best "Basic" Ravager? 4
Best accessories? 8
Best way to farm Power Crystals? 1
Bestiary Fragment help ? 3
Can you re-tame Sazh once you get it through DLC? 2
Chaos crystal?!? 1
Chocolina DO NOT SELL Gysahl Greens anymore!!???!?!? 5
Collecting Paradox Ending Fragments? 1
Control Device Password 1+2? 5
DLC Weapons Stats? 1
Do fragment skills stop trophy production? 2
Do the live trigger event questions always give the same items? 1
Does Gilfinder, CP Bonus, etc. work from my Paradigm Pack? 2
Downloadable Items? 1
Easy way to farm Power Crystal? Twilight Odin need it 1
Fragments? 1
Genji Bow and Summoners Garb? 3
Genji Bow DLC issue? 3
Getting Grade 3+ Monster Material? 3
Grandiva? 3
Green chocobo!? 2
Help with finding silver chocobo? 1
Help with Hermes Sandals? 1
How can I make Treasure Chest for 2nd Adornment in Bresha Ruins appear? 3
How did I get Fractured Horn component & what is it used to Buy? 1
How do i get the Genji Bow when I pre-ordered at Gamestop? 2
How do I get the Managarmr Monster Crystal? 1
How do i get the Serendipitous trophy? 2
How do i get to the artefact on a roof in Oerba 200 AF? 2
How do I get Travel Guide: New Bodhum fragment? 3
How do you access Serah's alternate costume and Genji Bow? 1
How do you get Mog's Clock adornment after you beat the game? 2
How does Pack Mentality work? 1
How should I level Twilight Odin? 3
How/Where do i find the Chaos Crystal? 5
I think I am missing the wild artifact at Dying world -700AF? 1
I'm all out of Wild Artefacts. How do I get more? 1
i'm missing the Teatime Mont Blanc fragment.. can someone help? 1
if i infused Chichu? 1
If i use a wild artefact on a gate, is it permanent open? 1
Is it possible to lock-out a wild artefact? 1
Is there an accessory that increases the drop rate of items? How do you get it? 4
Is there any way besides grinding to get Lightning? 2
Lanora's Garage? 1
Martyr's Badge? 1
Monster crystal drop rate multiplier? 1
Muramasa dlc? 1
New Bodhum 700AF? 1
New Bodhum ???AF fragment? 1
Odin Weapon? 1
Odin/Sazh one-time only? 4
Paradox Ending Fragments? 2
Rare drops help? 1
re-obtaining extremely Rare Monster Crystals? 1
Second gate in Academia 400AF? 1
Serendipity Lucky Coin Fragment? 2
spined horn - rare drop by monster Managamr? 2
Svarog monster Crystal? 3
Taming the red and blue chocobos? 2
The Archylte Steppe? 2
Trapezohedron/Adamantite-required items? 1
Was not able to get Yaschas Massif -100 AF- Wild Artefact? 1
What are the uses for Chronomist? 2
What do Gate Seals do? 2
What do the codes from New Bodhum 700 AF do? 1
What does the Eternal Crystal do? 2
What exactly do the Role Enhancement Accessories do? 1
What is Dark Matter & Platinum Ingot used for? 1
What is the difference between Chocoboost & Chocobull? 2
What items exactly are given for the FFXIII Gamesave? 5
What's the easiest way to get Potent Essence or Mana Essence? 1
What's the use of supply sphere access code? 1
When and where can I get the ATB+1 weapons for each character? 1
Where are the graviton cores located? 2
Where can i farm Power Crystal , Mana crystal & Vitality Crystal? 4
Where can I find (Brawler's Wristband and Shaman's Mark)? 1
Where can I find (Grand Cross Fragment)? 1
Where can I find (lots of gil and c.p)? 3
Where can I find 1 gandiva and 1 indrajit? 1
Where can I find Abominable wing ? 1
Where can I find academia 400 AF Seal? 1
Where can I find academic 400 gate seal? 2
Where can I find Access Key 13? 4
Where can I find Adamantite? 2
Where can I find ANOTHER Gold Chocobo? 4
Where can I find artefact to open sunleth waterscape 400af? 1
Where can I find Collector Catalogs? 2
Where can I find Durable Collector catalog & Collector catalog? 2
Where can I find growth egg fragment? 1
Where can I find more Wild Artefacts? 4
Where can I find Ortlinde's Bloom? 1
Where can I find Paradox Agent Type A? 1
Where can I find power silver? 1
Where can I find saddle sore trophy? 3
Where can I find Segmented Carapace & Starblossom Seed & Superconductor? 1
Where can I find superconductors and starblossom seed? 2
Where can I find the beast tamer trophy? 1
where can I find the Gate Seal for Academia 4XX-AF? 1
Where can I find the gate seal for Bresha Ruins 005AF? 2
Where can I find the Gate seal for Oerba 400 AF? 1
Where can I find the lost watch? 1
Where can I find the manual? 1
Where can i find the other mog toss monsters? 1
Where can I find the sunleth waterscape 300AF gate seal? 1
Where can I find the wild artifact in augusta tower? 1
Where can I find Yellow Butterfly and Black Tattoo? 2
Where can I get Mog's Clock? 2
Where is the fastest and best place to farm power orbs? 1
Where is the fastest place to farm potent orbs/essences and Vitality orbs/essences? 3
Where to find sun petals? 2
Where/When can I get the Bonus Weapon from having a XIII save? 2
Which part of Clearwater Marshes could I find Green Pilot's Badge? 1
Why can't I get the Odinbolt? 1
Why can't I replay a mission after closing the gate? 2
Wild Artefact for Oerba 300AF? 1
Wild Artefact?? 2
Wild Artifacts and Their Gates? 2

Level Help Answers
Academia ?? 6
Can i defeat caius in level 1 only? 1
Do i need to level up before i defeat cauis in 200af? 1
Have I broken my game? (End of episode 3) 4
Health just dropped? 3
How do I get past Oerba -200 AF? 1
How do I get to the void beyond? 1
How do i move onto Serendipity and Academia 400 AF episode 4? 1
How do iget greater bahamut? 1
How many hours does it take to beat the game? 5
Is their away to start the game with max stats? 2
Lightning(Com) build? 1
Mog won't follow me bug in Dying World 700? 2
Mt. Yashcas? 2
Oerba 200 AF glitch??? 3
Time's Stardust Fragment glitch??? 2
What is the best character development for serah and noel? 2
What monster material do I need to level up the Pulswork Gladiator? 3
What's the difference between easy mode and normal mode? 1
Where is exactly all of the gravitational cores? 3
Accessing all of Dying World 700 AF? 1
Archylte Steppe Gate seal? 1
Augusta Tower 200 AF, is there a re-set? 2
Bresha Ruins 005AF Map Completion 100%? 1
Can't access floors 12 or 14 in augusta tower...? 3
Can't Get To The Void Beyond. Help Please? 2
Can't go to some part of Augusta Tower 200AF 49th floor? 1
Cannot find gate for 300 af sunleth waterscape? 1
Fastest way through Academia 500 AF? 2
FFXIII-2 - Used 10 Wild Artefacts, but still have 8 areas locked? 1
How can I get to Miss Horizon again in Academia AF400? 1
How can I unlock Yaschas Massif - 100 AF -? 1
How do I get Academia -4XX AF- 100% map completion? 2
How do I get out of the first room in Augusta Tower 200AF? 1
How do I get to the 3 areas before new bodhum 003 af marked in the historia crux? 1
How do I get to the Vile Peaks -10AF-? 1
how do i get to yaschas massif AF110 ? 1
How do I go back to turn in completed maps? 2
How do I unlock augusta tower? 1
How do you beat the Lightning Goddess DLC)? 2
How to get the ochu side quest? 2
I am stuck in Academia 400 how do I get down from the upper level? 2
I need help (Early Game)? 1
Is there any way to get my characters to maximum health strength and magic wihout having to farm for cp? 2
Level grinding? 1
Monster Professor (Bestiary) fragment? 1
Red Orbs in Yaschas Massif 10AF; what are they for? 2
Stuck in Progress - Can't enter Beyond Void to unlock Academia? 1
Stuck on Yaschas Massif 01X - What am I missing? 2
Whats the max Level for each Role? 6
Where are all the Cinematic Action scenes and how can I replay them? 2
Where is the path to Heir to Chaos ending? 1
Why 2 Coliseum levels? 2
Yaschas Massif 100AF. A paradox within a paradox? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Beating Ultros and Typhon without Crystarium usage challenge? 0
How to kill Snow? 0
Beating Twilight Odin? 2
Best materials for Purple Chocobo? 1
Best Paradigms, Best Monsters,? 7
Best Sentinel? 1
Bestiary fragment? 3
Can someone explain some things to me about the Slot Machine? 1
Can someone please explain Pack Mentality fully? 1
Control Device Password 2 Anomally? 2
Crystarium Expansion Bonuses? 5
Does a medic role monster need magic? 1
Effective way to level up monster companions? 2
End of episode 3; I have questions please ? 3
Game Strategy Guide? 2
How do I get lots of cp before post-game ? 1
How do I make my buffs last longer? 2
How does Feral Speed work exactly? 1
How does the Crystarium work? 3
How exactly do you infuse (infusion) a monster ? 2
How many purple chocobos can i get? 1
How should I level Lightning? 5
How to build a perfect Twilight Odin? 4
How to level yakshini? 1
How to win long chocobo races? 5
Increase Ruin damage? 4
Infusing Abilities? 1
Infusing monsters into Sazh? 2
Is there a list of monster SPELLS/ABILITIES? 1
Leveling up Kichu? 2
Leveling Up Lightning? 1
Lighting and Amodar Crystals Post Game? 4
Max monster stat boost? 1
Munchkin rules? 1
Need a Sab for Gilgamesh fight? 2
Odins feral link? 2
Omega leveling guide? 1
Pet's crystarium? 1
Poison glitch? 1
Purple Chocobo: A well rounded build? 1
Silver Chocobo? 3
Synergist or Sabateur which is best to upgrade my characters to? 1
Tips on capturing a spiranthes in final fantasy xiii-2? 1
Twilight Odin? 2
What is the average level when you reach episode 4 ? 1
What is the best ability for SYN/SAB monsters? 3
What is the best strategy for (lightning dlc)? 1
What is the best strategy for final boss five star trophy? 1
What is the best strategy for monster leveling? 1
What is the best strategy for upgrading a pulsework knight? 3
What is the best strategy for win in stone machine? 2
Whats the best build for my Twilight Odin? 1
Where is the fastest place to grind? 2
White Choboco or Green Choboco for Medic? 4
Wild Thing achievement? 2
?Is there a list of every monster & their Passive Abilities they learn? 1
?Which monster(s) have the Passive Ability "Gillfinder MAX"? 2
Am I able to get all crystarium expansion bonuses?? 1
Archylte Steppe Yomi? 1
ATB-Canceling Help? 1
Best Commando Mid-game? 1
Best ravager monster? 3
Best way to add Item collector? 1
Bonus Abilities? 1
Caius battle With Serah with paradox scope? 1
Can I retame Lightning & Amodar? 1
Can you only get the monster crystal from the last monster killed in the battle? 2
Casino slots? 1
Choas Crystal Wepon? 1
Chocobo race builds? 1
Chocobo racing? 4
Closing gates? 1
Cloudburst: rav bonus boost or atb gauge? 2
Crystarium abilities? 1
Crystarium Expansion Bonuses Appearance Order? 2
Crystarium help? 2
DLC builidings? 1
Do missions when possible? 1
Does difficulty affect the item drop rates or any drop rate boni? 1
Does entering Chocobo in races damage it in anyway (i.e. RP)? 1
Does having the Platinum Trophy from the previous game make a large difference? 1
Farming for CP? 2
Full Power atlas strategy? 1
Gigantuar level up? 2
How do I setup my own paradigms and choose which to start a battle with? 2
How do i win 1800m races? 2
How do passive abilities of monsters in the paradigm pack work? 1
How do you close / open gates? 2
How do you raise a Black Chocobo? 2
How far should i grind?... 2
How Strong Should my Roles be for Atlas Full Power? 1
I have a problem with chocobo racing? 1
Infusion question? 1
Is the 3rd party slot always going to be for a monster? 2
Is the best ravager lightning? 4
Is there a trick to Breaking? 6
Is there a way to get around the fckin idiot AI? 1
Monster skills? 1
Monster with Highest Sync? 2
Most efficient way to infuse role abilities? 1
Need Help With Chocobo Team, Can Someone help Me? 1
No special battle ability?? 1
Optimal Leveling Question? 1
Post Game: Silver Chocobo - Racing + Sen Abilities? 4
Protectaga and Shellaga? 1
Proto-Behemoth? 3
Questions about monster consumption? 5
Recommendations on 'Clockstopper' and Casino Coins Trophies? 1
Retrying a particular stage by opening and closing gates in Historia Crux? 2
Role mastery? 3
Skill List For Cloudburst/chichu? 1
Snow and Comando Lightning? 1
Taiming of the Chocobo? 4
Two questions? 3
Vising both Vile Peaks areas? 3
Weapon upgrading mechanics? 2
What are the best monsters for each role? 5
What Cp Lvs should i be on for the Paradox scope battle with Adem? 1
What does the bonus boost do? 2
What is a cross, wide, and normal paradigm? 2
What is the best monster medic??? 3
What is the best strategy for (Immortal)? 1
What is the best strategy for (Ochu)? 1
What is the best strategy for finding a second chichu? 1
What is the best strategy for Fomoire? 1
What is the best strategy to stack some casino coin? 9
What is the differences in the two battle systems? 1
What is the fastest way to beat Ochu? 1
What level should I infuse my Yakshini into Purple Chocobo? 2
What monsters give the ability Strength+20-25%? 1
What passive abilities should I teach Lightning ? 1
What to choose between Odin and Golden chocobo? 4
When do you get new roles? 1
Where exactly is the Green Chocobo? 5
Why does Noel seem to level up so much faster than Serah? 2
Why doesn't my Cactuar use Deprotect Chaser? 1

Technical Help Answers
A Dying World 700AF Mog Doesn't Follow Serah? 1
Are there any Historia Crux map glitches? 2
Can I do "Trigger Finger" at the end of the game? 2
Cant get to 300 AF? 1
Game crashes on the monster screen. why? 2
Game crashing in Bodhum? 1
How do I begin the Snow DLC? 1
I cant use my DLC in game? y? 1
I just purchase & download lightning episode but I can't play why? 4
Im stuck at bresha ruins/thearchlytte step/sunleth waterscape? 1
summoners garb and genji bow DLC problems? 2
The Academic rank: Monster proffessor quest will not complete? 4
What? Voice over problem. 1
Why can't I get back into the Void beyond and how to move on? 2
Why can't i get trigger finger?? 2
Why does New Bodhum ???AF not load? 1
Why i did not get Academia location? 2
Academic Rank: Monster Professor fragment problems? 1
Bles01269 dlc? 1
Can you transfer the savedata to another console? 2
Downloaded Sazh's episode where's Sazh?! 3
Freezing after all gravitron ores? 1
Glitch? Sporty watch treasure box missing in YM 110 1
How to tame monster easily? 1
I can't get Moogle Throw to work do I need to unlock it? 2
I can't get the last artefact ? 2
If I copy a save from a ps3 with DLC and put it on a ps3 without DLC, what will happen? 1
Is there a way to change the volume of the background music? 1
Loading error causing game stalls? 1
The voice dialogue is not playing through my TV? 2
Why does the game give me a different artifact than mentioned in the guides? 1
Why does the game keep freezing before battle? 1
Will I be lost? 2

Other Help Answers
Freezing Battles? 0
N7 Armor dlc?? Really want 0
Where is the first shop in FFXIII - 2? 0
20000HP Hex Editing for Serah & Noel? 1
A few questions? 11
About sunleth waterscape? 2
Amazon UK code? 2
Amodar Guide pls? ^^ & chicu too plss 1
Anyone have any info on the Genji Accessories? 1
At what level can a synergist get haste,faith and bravery?? 3
Brenda: misery bead? bug? 1
Buying the Game Problem? 2
Can anyone tell me thr DLC code for the Seraphic Wing weapon? 2
Can I still purchase DLC for EUR version eventhough I'm in Malaysia? 2
Can you re-obtain one of a kind monsters? 2
Can you share the preorder dlc? 1
Catching Blue Chocobos? 2
Chocobo infusion? 2
Chocobo Races: What does the "star" rating mean? 4
Chocoboost? 1
Clarification on Monster Professor fragment? 2
Clock Stopper? 1
Combat? 2
Components? 1
Did I do something wrong? (DLC issue) 2
DIfferent Time Gates? 2
DLC calendar? 1
DLC content? 1
DLC help please! adding DLC's? 5
DLC Problems!!!? 1
Do Coins won in the Sazh Serendipity Poker DLC tranfer? 2
Does downloading DLC affect completing the monster bestiary fragment? 1
English/Japanese? 6
Fal'cie Class Times? 1
Finding Those Last Fragments? 2
Future DLC? 2
Game Mechanics FAQ? 1
Geiserics Fist: Getting it for Beastiary? 3
Getting Lightning? 2
Glitch or Bug?? 3
Goblin Chieftain? 1
Guyz I have a Question About Noel's Outfit DLC&Omega DLC both english Version? 1
Healer monster companion? 4
Help I can't enter academia 400af after I reset it any ideas? 1
Help with a couple of monsters? 1
Help with FF XIII-2 registration card, please? 1
Hex Editor? 1
How can I get to Serendipity -???- AF with Serah and Noel? 4
how do I get to Academia (4xx AF)? 2
How do I get vampiric strike? 1
How do I let Serah change her weapon form during battle ? 4
How do I switch monsters in Battle? 2
How do I tame DLC? 1
How long is the DLC for Heads and Tails? 1
How to change history? 3
How to complete the map??submit the walk trough please 2
How to fight in Coliseum?? 2
How to get this Special Monster? 2
How To Get To Acadamia 400 AF? 2
How to increase the encounter of a rare monster rate, and how to increase the chances of getting them? 1
I don't know how to get the treasures that are transparent? 2
I don't know how tu use Char Noel's DLC, n Omega DLC? 2
I Have 2 Red Chocobos? 1
I still can't find the Second gate in Academia 400AF? 1
I used a gate seal now I can't get back into places? 4
I'm stuck with 98% map of Yaschas Massif ? 1
Impact break and break burst for noel? how do i get that? 2
Inacessible area in the Sunleth Waterscape 300AF? 1
Infusion order? 1
is Cid any where in this game ? 2
Is FFXIII-2 Collector Edition Can instal OMEGA, Lightning DLC etc? 1
Is FFXIII-2 really THAT easy!? 3
Is lightning a playable character in this game? 4
Is the DLC worth getting? 1
Is there a chance of missing an already gotten item when you repeat a storyline quest? 2
Lucky coin glitch issue? 4
Mog Throw difficulties? 1
Monster Crystarium - Potent > Stat ?? 5
More role abilitys? 3
My monster already has ten abilities but i want a differnt one? 3
Need help On Serendipitous achievement / Trophy!? 2
OMG? This Game ending is not happy ending?! 2
Oreba -300af? 2
PAL save file?? 1
Passive physical resist 36%? 2
Portuguese subtitles? 3
Problems following story line after closing nb 003af? 1
Proto behemoth? only spawns once? 4
Ravagers that have:"Auto En-________"? 3
Re-battle Bosses? 3
Red or yellow? 2
Regen Guard? 2
Savegames "linked" or "open"? 2
Serendipitous Achievement/Trophy? 2
So many great Commandos, where are the others? 2
Song in Vile Peaks 200 AF? 1
Square Enix Website Trouble?? 2
Stuck, can't get any more wild artefacts?? 1
Summoner's mask? 1
Synergist? 1
Taming/Infusing Monsters? 2
The Paradigm won't let me select monsters!!!? 1
Three grey gates on the left of the timeline. Useless? 3
Upload png map? 1
V-Lightning? 1
Vile Peaks : Impossible to revisit ? 1
Wats with the to be continued at the end of the game? 2
What is the usage of Fettered Magic abillity ? 1
What should i know? 2
Where can i find Captain Cryptic after answerin a Question? 3
Where do u get the best chocobo? 1
Where's Captain Cryptic? 6
Which chocobo is the best chocobo and where can i find it? 2
Who's manlier? 1
Why does serah only get 4 medic skills? 4
Will there be a FFXIII-2 Complete Edition? 3
Your Slot Machine Stats? 3
100% Map on Archylte Steppe? 4
Academia 100% help? 4
Accidentally releasing Lightning, Omega or Sahz? 1
Add-on? 2
AF??? Hollow Seclusion 1
After Sunleth Waterscape Episode 4? 2
Anomalous? 1
Any Good tameable Medic? 2
Anyone platinum yet? 1
Anything after the Platinum trophy? 1
Archylte Steppe: Moving the Long Gui? (Spoilers) 2
Are DLC Monster Crystals re-obtainable? 1
Are they going to make more ff games in the main series on 360? 7
Auto-tetradefence? 1
BTW guyz , what is AF stands for? 4
Can a trophy be reset or deleted? 2
Can I get all of the Crystarium expansion bonuses? 2
Can I have more than one Green Chocobo? 2
Can you nickname your monsters? 1
Can you reset the Crystarium? 1
Can you respawn Ochu? 1
Can't give 100% map of Academia to miss horizon? 4
Cannot get to Yaschas Massif 100 AF? 3
Capturing Monsters? 2
Chichu? 1
Chocolina does not sell items in special list [post-story]? 3
Choices? 2
Clock Master glitch? 1
Completeing my bestiary part 2? 1
Completeing my bestiary? 1
Crystal Monster: What do the descriptions mean? 1
Demo? 2
Desperately looking for chocobo builds (Golden chocobo), any links? 1
Did my Zwerg mess up my Mud Frog filter? 1
DLC Content Release Dates? 1
DLC release date? 1
Dlc?? 1
Do any Bestiary stats apply to enemies as Crystal Monsters? 1
Do I miss out on anything if I didn't complete FFXIII? 2
Do slots under monster name mean anything? 1
Does an incomplete FF13-1 save work for this game's bonuses? 2
Does easy mode affect CP, gil, spoils rewards? 2
Does previous save carry over? 2
Earlier Time Zones Locked (Before New Bodeum 3 AF)? 1
Enough Wild Artefacts? 3
FF XIII-2 Demo save? 1
Fragment skills activation? 8
Fragment skills? 1
Gilfinder? 6
Have all the problems from ff13 been fixed? 3
Help please? 1
Help with 2 enemy locations? 1
Historia crux? 1
How can I unlock Time Reversal of -Oerba 200 AF??? 1
How come Hope still uses magic if their brands already disappeared? 6
How do I get my DLC? 2
How do i get the close gate item for academia 400? 1
How do i get these moves? Boon and cureja. 1
How do I get White Flower Adornment? 1
How do i give PARADOX AGENT TYPE B and C? 1
How do I open coliseum battles? 1
How do i unlock Grand Cross fragment skills? 1
How do i unlock the Ochu Fragment Quest ? 7
How many discs for 360? 6
How many disks will this game have? 1
How to get Anomalous Achievement/Trophy? 1
How to get secret ending? 2
How to making easy money? 24
How to revert back to original archylte steppe ???AF 1
HP or Magic for Noel? 1
Is FFXIII disc has a Serial Number? 2
Is it not possible to infuse Role abilities designated as "auto"? 1
Is it possible to get more than one Silver Chocobo? 1
Is there a limit to how many monsters you can have on you at a time? 5
Is there a perfect cinematic action prize for the introductory battle? 1
Is there a use for Toilet Paper Coupon? 1
Is there a way to rebattle Valfdor lvl 1? 1
Is there any way i can change the ending? (SPOILERS) 1
Is there any way to get all the adornments? 1
Is there the magic DOOM in this game? 2
Is this ff13 1.5? 2
Is this longer then ff13? 1
Is this the first Final Fantasy game to get add-on DLC? 2
IWhy am I getting Auto-Haste at the start of every battle? 1
Last Fragment in Serependity? 2
Lightning and Amador??? 2
Lightning nor any other is showing up to battle in Coliseum? 1
Lucidon Crystal (Oerba 200AF)? 3
Master of Time (Platinum) Trophy... bugged? 4
Miss Learning Moves? 2
Monster infusion problems? 1
Need help on Strategist trophy / Achievement? 1
New Bodhum map at 98%? 1
New Game Plus+? 2
Non-DLC Outfits? 1
Omega DLC or Genji Bow DLC? 2
Omega questions? 1
Omega? 2
Outfits? 1
Paradox Endings? 1
Party monster attacking chain for stagger ? 2
Please help me find Triffid? 1
Possable glitch in DLC "Genji Bow and Serah's Alternate Costume" on PS3? 1
Purple/pink number on your save file? 1
Recent Battle Total and Field Killer? 1
Replay Sunleth 400AF? 1
ReSealing Gates? 1
Reset Academia 400AF? 1
Returning to the Historia Crux between Episode 5 and Final Episode? 1
Riding red chocobo? 1
Serah and Noel's "Limit Break" abilities as RAV and COM? 1
Speed? What speed is referred to? 1
Stagger:drain on twilight odin. How to turn auto off? 2
Sunleth Waterscape Map? 1
surely this is a glitch? enemies I need no longer spawning 1
The strongest monster each role? 1
There isn't any FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 demo in my PSN? 2 haste spell? 3
Unlock new bodhum year unknown? 1
Void Beyond? 1
Weapon upgrades? 4
What Changes in v1.04 Update? 1
What do i have noel and serah max out first? 2
What do the symbols mean that appear over racing Chocobo's head? 1
What does enervation mean? 2
What does the yellow cross on the Map mean? 1
What exactly does the ATB Gauge for Crystal Monsters do? 1
What is the level cap for each particular specialisation? 1
What items can a gigantuar take to level up and where can i find them? 1
What monster has fogga so i can infuse it? 3
What Monster Materials should I use for these Chocobo? 2
What Monster Materials suit for Twilight Odin? 1
What passive abilities should I teach AMODAR&Chicu? 2
What the heck do I do with Crystarium points after I'm Maxed? 2
What's so significant about Augusta Tower? (No spoiler answers) 4
When do you get fragment skills? 1
When is the DLC available for in PS STORE? 1
When you release a monster, can you get another catch another copy of it? 1
Where can I find a green(healer) chocobo? 3
Where can i find gate to Bresha Ruins 300AF? 2
Where can i find tonberry ? 1
Where can you find a playable demo of this game? 2
Where do I attain these character DLC's everyone is talking about? 1
Where is Kalavinka? 1
Where is Oerba 300AF GAte?? 1
Where to buy Coins in Serendipity? 1
Where to get Role Resonance Skill?? 2
Which crystal monster abilites apply to it & which to party? 1
Which is better GOLD or SILVER chocobo? 3
Which is the better medic, the white or the green chocobo? 1
Which stat does Ultima Arrow/Meteor Javelin use in Final Fantasy XIII-2? Can I use both abilities in the same battle? 1
Who is most effective at max level,omega or gilgamesh? 1
Whose playable in this game? 5
Why am I not gaining the extra percentage at the end of fights for item drops? 1
Why am I stuck in the Void Beyond ? 2
Why build a new cocoon? 1
Why can't I gain access to Oerba 400? 1
Why does it show Reraise symbol? 1
Why won't Noel learn Meteor Javelin? 2
Will this have an updated release? 1
Would you reccomend finishing FFXIII-1 before I play this? 1
Wrong Gate Seal Used? 1
Yomi is a no show what am I doing wrong? 2

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