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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
Academia 4XX AF Fragment? Open 2
Alternate costumes for Serah and Noel ...? Open 8
Are the catelogs' benefits stackable? Open 1
Can i obtain another monster crystal after I use it? Open 8
Can i wear more accesories?if possible,how? Open 1
Can you buy potent, vitality, power and mana crystals? Open 2
Collesium Chest? Open 3
Detail on the Battlemania fragment skill? Open 2
Fragment Skill (itParadox ending)? Open 2
Gandiva indrajit ? Open 1
Genji Bow? Open 2
How can i find the key or item to open the gate to Vile Peak AF200? Open 4
How do I activate time reversal for A Dying World 700AF? Open 1
How i get the stuff from the dlc..? Open 5
How many fortune medals do I need to complete the Sazh episode? Open 2
How to get lightning with armor ? Open 2
how to replay Archilte Steppe? Open 3
I can't upgrade my Collector's catalog? Open 2
I have completed all 160 fragment? Open 4
I just beat the lightning DLC Story why? Open 1
Is this correct? (Fragments question) Open 1
Item Finder/Gil Finder? Open 1
Monster Crystals? Open 2
New Bodhum ???AF fragment los Open 1
Odin/Sazh one-time only? Open 3
Paradox Scope? Open 2
Rare item drops? Open 1
Re-play Moogle Hunt Tutorial? Open 3
Serah's weapon? Open 4
The picture frame? Open 1
Travel Guide Fragments? Open 2
What do i do to get all Frags on new bohdum? Open 2
What do I do with all my components? Open 1
What is a good weapon to have for Noel in chapter 5? Open 1
Where can I farm lvl 4-5 mana mechanical items? Open 1
Where can I find (Chaos Crystal)? Open 3
Where can I find a wild artefact? Open 3
Where can I find Graviton Core Epsilon? Open 1
Where can i find item Scavanger? Open 1
Where can I find mana enhancing 5 star monster materials? Open 2
Where can I find Seraphic Wing weapon? Open 2
Where can I find The gate seal that seals Academia 4XXAF? Open 2
Where can i find the item Spined Horns? Open 2
Where can I find the Promises Gate Seal? Open 2
Where can I find the third and fourth affectionate message fragments? Open 4
Where can I find the time reversal item for Academia 4XX? Open 2
Where can I find the violet crystal in the clearwater marshes? Open 2
Where can I find trapezohedrons? Open 4
Where can I find Traphezdron? Open 5
Where can I find wild thing trophy? Open 1
Where is Cordelia? Open 1
Why can't I get Chocobo Figurine in Bresha? Open 2
Strategy Help status answers
Beating Twilight Odin? Open 2
Best materials for Purple Chocobo? Open 1
Best Paradigms, Best Monsters,? Open 4
Best Sentinel? Open 1
Bestiary fragment? Open 2
Can someone explain some things to me about the Slot Machine? Open 1
Can someone please explain Pack Mentality fully? Open 1
Control Device Password 2 Anomally? Open 2
Crystarium Expansion Bonuses? Open 5
Does a medic role monster need magic? Open 1
Effective way to level up monster companions? Open 2
End of episode 3; I have questions please ? Open 3
Game Strategy Guide? Open 2
How do I get lots of cp before post-game ? Open 1
How do I make my buffs last longer? Open 2
How does Feral Speed work exactly? Open 1
How does the Crystarium work? Open 3
How exactly do you infuse (infusion) a monster ? Open 2
How many purple chocobos can i get? Open 1
How should I level Lightning? Open 5
How to build a perfect Twilight Odin? Open 3
How to level yakshini? Open 1
How to win long chocobo races? Open 5
Increase Ruin damage? Open 4
Infusing Abilities? Open 1
Infusing monsters into Sazh? Open 1
Is there a list of monster SPELLS/ABILITIES? Open 1
Leveling up Kichu? Open 2
Leveling Up Lightning? Open 1
Lighting and Amodar Crystals Post Game? Open 4
Max monster stat boost? Open 1
Munchkin rules? Open 1
Need a Sab for Gilgamesh fight? Open 2
Odins feral link? Open 2
Omega leveling guide? Open 1
Pet's crystarium? Open 1
Poison glitch? Open 1
Purple Chocobo: A well rounded build? Open 1
Silver Chocobo? Open 3
Synergist or Sabateur which is best to upgrade my characters to? Open 1
Tips on capturing a spiranthes in final fantasy xiii-2? Open 1
Twilight Odin? Open 2
What is the average level when you reach episode 4 ? Open 1
What is the best ability for SYN/SAB monsters? Open 3
What is the best strategy for (lightning dlc)? Open 1
What is the best strategy for final boss five star trophy? Open 1
What is the best strategy for monster leveling? Open 1
What is the best strategy for upgrading a pulsework knight? Open 3
What is the best strategy for win in stone machine? Open 2
Whats the best build for my Twilight Odin? Open 1
Where exactly is the Green Chocobo? Open 5
Where is the fastest place to grind? Open 2
White Choboco or Green Choboco for Medic? Open 4
Wild Thing achievement? Open 2
Other Help status answers
20000HP Hex Editing for Serah & Noel? Open 1
A few questions? Open 11
About sunleth waterscape? Open 2
Amazon UK code? Open 2
Amodar Guide pls? ^^ & chicu too plss Open 1
At what level can a synergist get haste,faith and bravery?? Open 3
Brenda: misery bead? bug? Open 1
Buying the Game Problem? Open 2
Can anyone tell me thr DLC code for the Seraphic Wing weapon? Open 2
Can I still purchase DLC for EUR version eventhough I'm in Malaysia? Open 2
Can you re-obtain one of a kind monsters? Open 2
Can you share the preorder dlc? Open 1
Catching Blue Chocobos? Open 2
Chocobo infusion? Open 2
Chocobo Races: What does the "star" rating mean? Open 4
Chocoboost? Open 1
Clarification on Monster Professor fragment? Open 2
Clock Stopper? Open 1
Combat? Open 2
Components? Open 1
Did I do something wrong? (DLC issue) Open 2
DIfferent Time Gates? Open 2
DLC calendar? Open 1
DLC content? Open 1
DLC help please! adding DLC's? Open 5
DLC Problems!!!? Open 1
Do Coins won in the Sazh Serendipity Poker DLC tranfer? Open 2
Does downloading DLC affect completing the monster bestiary fragment? Open 1
English/Japanese? Open 6
Fal'cie Class Times? Open 1
Finding Those Last Fragments? Open 2
Fragment skills activation? Open 8
Future DLC? Open 2
Game Mechanics FAQ? Open 1
Geiserics Fist: Getting it for Beastiary? Open 3
Getting Lightning? Open 2
Glitch or Bug?? Open 3
Goblin Chieftain? Open 1
Guyz I have a Question About Noel's Outfit DLC&Omega DLC both english Version? Open 1
Healer monster companion? Open 4
Help I can't enter academia 400af after I reset it any ideas? Open 1
Help with a couple of monsters? Open 1
Help with FF XIII-2 registration card, please? Open 1
Hex Editor? Open 1
How can I get to Serendipity -???- AF with Serah and Noel? Open 3
how do I get to Academia (4xx AF)? Open 2
How do I get vampiric strike? Open 1
How do I let Serah change her weapon form during battle ? Open 3
How do I switch monsters in Battle? Open 2
How do I tame DLC? Open 1
How long is the DLC for Heads and Tails? Open 1
How to change history? Open 3
How to complete the map??submit the walk trough please Open 2
How to fight in Coliseum?? Open 2
How to get this Special Monster? Open 2
How To Get To Acadamia 400 AF? Open 2
I don't know how to get the treasures that are transparent? Open 2
I don't know how tu use Char Noel's DLC, n Omega DLC? Open 2
I Have 2 Red Chocobos? Open 1
I still can't find the Second gate in Academia 400AF? Open 1
I used a gate seal now I can't get back into places? Open 4
I'm stuck with 98% map of Yaschas Massif ? Open 1
Impact break and break burst for noel? how do i get that? Open 2
Infusion order? Open 1
is Cid any where in this game ? Open 1
Is FFXIII-2 Collector Edition Can instal OMEGA, Lightning DLC etc? Open 1
Is FFXIII-2 really THAT easy!? Open 1
Is lightning a playable character in this game? Open 4
Is the DLC worth getting? Open 1
Is there a chance of missing an already gotten item when you repeat a storyline quest? Open 2
Lucky coin glitch issue? Open 4
Mog Throw difficulties? Open 1
Monster Crystarium - Potent > Stat ?? Open 5
More role abilitys? Open 3
My monster already has ten abilities but i want a differnt one? Open 3
Need help On Serendipitous achievement / Trophy!? Open 2
OMG? This Game ending is not happy ending?! Open 2
Oreba -300af? Open 2
PAL save file?? Open 1
Passive physical resist 36%? Open 2
Portuguese subtitles? Open 3
Problems following story line after closing nb 003af? Open 1
Proto behemoth? only spawns once? Open 4
Re-battle Bosses? Open 3
Red or yellow? Open 2
Regen Guard? Open 2
Savegames "linked" or "open"? Open 2
Serendipitous Achievement/Trophy? Open 2
So many great Commandos, where are the others? Open 2
Song in Vile Peaks 200 AF? Open 1
Square Enix Website Trouble?? Open 2
Summoner's mask? Open 1
Synergist? Open 1
Taming/Infusing Monsters? Open 1
The Paradigm won't let me select monsters!!!? Open 1
Three grey gates on the left of the timeline. Useless? Open 3
Upload png map? Open 1
V-Lightning? Open 1
Vile Peaks : Impossible to revisit ? Open 1
Wats with the to be continued at the end of the game? Open 2
What is the usage of Fettered Magic abillity ? Open 1
What should i know? Open 2
Where can i find Captain Cryptic after answerin a Question? Open 3
Where do u get the best chocobo? Open 1
Where's Captain Cryptic? Open 6
Which chocobo is the best chocobo and where can i find it? Open 2
Who's manlier? Open 1
Why does serah only get 4 medic skills? Open 3
Will there be a FFXIII-2 Complete Edition? Open 3
Your Slot Machine Stats? Open 3

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