FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 02/19/13

Table of Contents

  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Collectibles
    3. Combat Basics
    4. The Story So Far
    5. Characters
  4. Walkthrough
    1. Valhalla
    2. New Bodhum [003 AF]
    3. Bresha Ruins [005 AF]
    4. Optional Stuff 001
    5. Yaschas Massif [010 AF]
    6. Oerba [200 AF]
    7. Yaschas Massif [01X AF]
    8. The Void Beyond
    9. Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]
    10. Optional Stuff 002
    11. Archylte Steppe
    12. Return to the Waterscape
    13. The Void Beyond (2)
    14. Serendipity
    15. Optional Stuff 03
    16. Academia [400 AF]
    17. Yaschas Massif [100 AF]
    18. Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF]
    19. Augusta Tower [300 AF]
    20. Augusta Tower [200 AF]
    21. Optional Stuff 04
    22. Academia [4XX AF]
    23. The Vile Peaks [200 AF]
    24. The Vile Peaks [010 AF]
    25. Return to Vile Peaks [200 AF]
    26. Oerba [300 AF]
    27. The Void Beyond (3)
    28. New Bodhum [-Year Unknown-]
    29. A Dying World [700 AF]
    30. New Bodhum [700 AF]
    31. Optional Stuff 05
    32. Serendipity (2)
    33. Academia [500 AF]
    34. Post-Story Check-in
    35. Paradox Endings
    36. The Final Steps to 100%
  5. Throphies/Achievements
  6. Unlockables
  7. Serendipity - (In-Depth)
    1. Chocobo Racing
    2. Slot Machines
    3. Fragment Skills
  8. Archylte Steppe - (In-Depth)
    1. Steppe Fragments
    2. Steppe Inhabitants
  9. Live Triggers
  10. Temporal Rift Puzzles
    1. Tile Trails
    2. Crystal Bonds
    3. The Hands of Time
  11. Inventory Checklist
    1. Weapons
    2. Accessories
    3. Key Items: Maps
    4. Key Items: Artefacts
    5. Key Items: Gate Seals
    6. Key Items: Other
    7. Items
    8. Specialty Items
    9. Components
  12. Fragments Checklist
    1. Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
  13. Tameable Monsters
    1. Monster Development
    2. Monster Abilities and Infusion
    3. Noteworthy Monsters
    4. Monster Crystal Checklist
    5. Monster Materials
    6. Adornments
  14. Crystarium
    1. Commando
    2. Ravager
    3. Sentinel
    4. Saboteur
    5. Synergist
    6. Medic
    7. Suggested Crystarium Builds
  15. Chocolina Shops
  16. Bestiary
    1. Rift Beasts
    2. Feral Creatures
    3. Militarized Units
    4. Ancient Automata
    5. Cie'th
    6. Special
  17. Contact
  18. Version History and Updates
  19. Copyright & Disclaimer

Tameable Monsters (Continued)

Monster Development

Like Serah and Noel, the monsters all have their own Crystarium that you invest using Monster Materials. Each has at least one expansion, giving a bonus, that you should consider carefully. Here are some suggestion.

Commandos and Ravagers This really depends on the individual monster. Take into account the speed of it. Faster monsters could always use more ATB gauge and slower monsters take so long to fill that the bonus is usually more beneficial.

Sentinels and Saboteurs You should almost always pick the bonus for these since it will improved their overall use in battle.

Synergists and Medics Always pick an extra ATB for these guys first expansion so they can do more in battle, since they can cast more than just one 2 segment spell. The second expansion, if they have one, is less critical.


In order to determine how many expansions your monster will have, you need to take into account what level they can reach. You can tell this by the monsters description, in the status window. See the following:

Early PeakerReaches a maximum level of 20.
Well-GrownReaches a maximum level of 30-60.
Late BloomerReaches a maximum level of 70-99.
HeartyHigh HP growth.
StrongHigh Strength growth.
MagicalHigh Magic growth.
BalancedBalanced parameter growth.
BrainyLearns many abilities.
FlameproneWeak against Fire.
FrostproneWeak against Ice.
SparkproneWeak against Lightning.
WindproneWeak against Wind.
FlameproofStrong Fire resistance or learns Fire resistance abilities.
FrostproofStrong Ice resistance or learns Ice resistance abilities.
ThunderproofStrong Lightning resistance or learns Lightning resistance abilities.
WindproofStrong Wind resistance or learns Wind resistance abilities.
MeleeproofStrong Physical resistance or learns Physical resistance abilities.
ManaproofStrong Magic resistance or learns Magic resistance abilities.
VenomproofStrong Posion resistance or learns Posion resistance abilities.
FogproofStrong Fog resistance or learns Fog resistance abilities.
PainproofStrong Pain resistance or learns Pain resistance abilities.
HexproofStrong Curse resistance or learns Curse resistance abilities.
WimpyHas multiple weaknesses.
StoicHas multiple resistances or learns multiple resistance-based abilities.
ResourcefulLearns abilities that improve post-battle rewards.
Pinch HitterLearns abilities that can be activated when in danger.
LoyalLearn abilities that will be activated when allies are in danger.
ZippySpeedy monster with abilites such as Auto-Haste or Critical: Haste.
RareDifficult to encounter or recruit.


When using Monster Materials to develop your tamed monsters, you need to take into account which materials and which notes you will be using them on. In general, Potent items are just plain BETTER than all the other materials. The reason for this is that the bonus it gives is for ALL stats versus any one stat. In other words, say you want to improve Magic, well you can. You can also improve HP, Strength, etc.

This isn't to say to say that non-Potent materials aren't useful. Here are some cases where they are:

  • Sentinels do not have need for any bonus except HP, so Vitality materials are best here.
  • There is no need to spend Potent materials on a monster you only plan on using for infusion purposes.


Monster Abilities and Infusion

Because certain monsters can learn only certain abilities, the use of infusing another crystal into them to gain those abilities is desired. There are two types of abilities that you can infuse: Role Abilities and Passive Abilities.


Infusion of Role Abilities

By default, every monster grants at least one role ability. You should always prioritize and avoid certain skills and not just infuse everything. Decide what kind of role they will be, for example an Offensive Synergist versus a Defenesive one. This keeps your Paradigm Pack very specific and makes sur ethey cast exactly what you desire when bringing them out.

Make sure you note that infusing monsters of different roles will not result in the infusion of role abilities. This does not mean you will never infuse across roles, as passive abilities can be infused.

The following is a list recommended Role Abilities you may want to infuse:

RoleAbilityBest Infusion Source
CommandoRuingaScutari (20)
AdrenalineOrion (13), Dragoon (18)
BlindsideDragoon (2), Frag Leech (12), Goblin (19)
ScourgeGoblin (20), Orion (16)
RavagerFireGarchimacera (1), Tabasco Toad (1)
BlizzardBuccaboo (1), Gremlin (1), Nekton (1)
ThunderPleuston (1), Zwerg Scandroid (8)
AeroSpiceacilian (1)
FiraBomb (1), Koboldroid Yang (5)
BlizzaraBuccaboo (10), Buccaboo Ace (10), Cryohedron (1)
ThundaraApotamkin (17), Circuitron (1)
AeroraKoboldroid Yin (8), Tempest (1)
FiragaBomb (12), Grenade (15)
BlizzagaCryohedron (15)
ThundagaCircuitron (15)
AerogaTempest (15)
FlamestrikeFencer (4), Garchimacera (3), Tabasco Toad (3)
FroststrikeBuccaboo (1), Ceratoraptor (1), Gremlin (3), Zwerg Metrodroid (1)
SparkstrikeCircuitron (5), Zwerg Scandroid (1)
GalestrikeFencer (1), Spiceacilian (3)
FearsiphonFlanbanero (10), Garchimacera (6), Gremlin (6)
OverwhelmFlanbanero (3), Zwerg Metrodroid (5)
SentinelChallengeLancer (16), Navidon (1)
MediguardPulsework Knight (12)
SaboteurDeprotectBreshan Bass (1), Pantopoda (1), Schrodinger (1), Unsaganashi (1)
DeshellBreshan Bass (5), Forked Cat (1), Mimi (1)
WoundPantopoda (1), Viking (1)
PoisonDendrobium (1)
ImperilAhriman (1), Black Chocobo (7), Chelicerata (12)
DispelMimi (8)
PainDendrobium (56)
FogViking (20)
CurseAhriman (4)
SynergistBraveryClione (1)
FaithOannes (1)
BravegaTestudo (14), Yakshini (13)
FaithgaTestudo (18), Yakshini (26)
EnfireAmanojaku (1), Mewmao (3)
EnfrostAmanojaku (2), Gancanagh Ace (6), Luminous Puma (7)
EnthunderAmanojaku (1), Oannes (20), Miquiztli (11)
EnaeroGancanagh Ace (1), Miquiztli (2)
MedicCuraExoray (8)
EsunadaFlanitor (34)


The following is the few hidden Role Abilities that can be passed on:

CommandoJeopardizeInfuse a COM with a developed RAV with a cumulative total of at least 99 levels.
RavagerVigorInfuse a RAV with a developed COM with a cumulative total of at least 99 levels.
SentinelReprieveInfuse a SEN with a developed MED with a cumulative total of at least 99 levels.
MedicCurajaInfuse a MED with a developed SEN with a cumulative total of at least 99 levels.
SabotuerJinxInfuse a SAB with a developed SYN with a cumulative total of at least 99 levels.
SynergistBoonInfuse a SYN with a developed SAB with a cumulative total of at least 99 levels.


The following is the non-infusable Role Abilities that you may want to take note of for certain battle strategies:

RoleAbilityLearned byComments
CommandoArmor BreakerChichu, Dragoon, Dreadnought, Flanborg, Gandayaks, Golden Chocobo, Hoplite, Meonekton, Narasimha, Proto-Behemoth, ScutariA useful ability that allows your pet to penetrate enemy physical resistance.
Mind PiercerGoblin, Metallicactuar, Seeping Brie, ShagumaMagic version of above.
Stagger: DrainCactuaroni, Crawler, Flanborg, Golden Chocobo, Mandrake, Miniflan, Twilight OdinRecovers a portion of the HP loss inflicted on a staggered enemy. Useful for maintaining an offensive strike with less healing.
Deprotect ChaserCactuar, Don Toberry, Flanborg, Mandrake, Orion, Shaguma, TonberryBoosts damage against enemy inflicted with the status ailemnt.
Deshell ChaserChunerpetron, Don Tonberry, Metallicactuar, Miniflan, orion, Tonberry, VouivreSame as above.
Imperil ChaserChocobo, Don Tonberry, Managarmr, Seeping Brie, TonberrySame as above.
Poison ChaserDon Tonberry, Gorgonopsid, Mandrake, Tonberry, Twilight Odin, Uridimmu, VouivreSame as above.
RavagerFelflameBomb, Debris, GrenadeBoosts that elemental damage of that type on enemies weak to that element.
FelfrostCloudburst, CryohedronSame as above.
FelsparkCircuitron, DebrisSame as above.
FelgustCloudburst, TempestSame as above.
SaboteurEndless NightmareBlack Chocobo, Illuyankas, Rangda, SamoviraAllows the SAB to refresh existing status ailments without applying them individually. Not overly useful, but handy in long fights with enemies susceptible to multiple debuffs.
SynergistEndless BlessingsGigantuar, Leyak, Micochu, Miquiztli, Purple Chocobo, Testudo, TriffidSame as above, but with buffs.
MedicCheerAll Medics except Exoray, Haguma, White ChocoboBoosts the Feral Link gauge.

Note: If you are leveling a monster purely for infusion, don't use Potent materials. You need these for your final monsters.

Infusion of Passive Abilities

Unlike Noel and Serah, who only learn passive abilities through equipment, your pets can be infused with passive abilities to help boost their overall usefulness. Make sure you note that monsters can only possess 10 passive abilities at a time.

While they can generally be passed on freely between any two monsters, there are certain rules and restrictions:

  • Red-locked abilities can not be infused and take up those vital 10 slots.
  • Every passive ability has a hidden rank. This is used to replace low ranked abilities with higher ones if you reach the max 10 slots and try and overwrite abilities.
  • It is possible to lock passive abilities from being erased during infusion by inheriting them multiple times. This will cause them to be yellow-locked. Yellow-locked abilities can be inherited, but will remain and cannot be replaced.


Noteworthy Monsters

Before I start, let me take a moment to address chocobos. With the exception of Gold and Silver, these are the only monsters you can have more than one crystal of. With true Late-Bloomer stats and level 99 caps, they can give any Paradign Pack configuration a run for its money. If you choose your best two chocobos and infuse them with Pack Mentality, via the one time use Chichu and Nanochu, they will get added stat boosts when in a Paradigm Pack together.




A popular choice based on the GameFAQ forums, this guy has extraordinary high raw Strength stats, fast attacks, and the Armor Breaker ability.


The most cost-effective monster in the entire game, this guy comes Adrenaline, Blindside, Feral Speed II, Attack: ATB Charge II, and Armor Breaker. While not great for ultimate bosses, he is great at keeping your Chain Gauge charged while your main members do other things. You will probably want to use Power items to increase its Strength for part of its crystarium.

Red Chocobo/Golden Chocobo

Great base for infusing whatever and both have great potential and different advantages. These are only really useful if you are going for the chocobo set. Golden Chocobo is also the second best chocobo for racing.

Tonberry/Don Tonberry

Amazing balanced COMs, they can be good for both magic and melee damage. They also have high resistances that make up for their low HP. Add onto the fact that they have a low cost (unlike Odin) and speedy attacks, these guys can be great COM's. Of the two, the regular Tonberry is slightly better, due to Don Tonberry's Perpetual Poison (which has annoyed many people on the forums).

Twilight Odin

Possibly the most costly crystarium, it is extremely expensive to max out. Once maxed though, his raw stats are almost the best. On the other hand, his awful cast speed makes him a poor Magic-based COM and you will probably want a backup for Physical resistant enemies (since he doesn't have Armor Breaker).




Extremely useful with decent stats for when it becomes available. With all the basic elemental spells and access to the top tier spells as well, in addition to Item Collector and Gilfinder II, it is extremely useful.

Blue Chocobo

You should infuse it with anything it doesn't inheritenly learn, including the passive Role Resonance (and Pack Mentality if you plan to make a chocobo-based Paradigm Pack).


The best overall RAVs, make sure you get the ATB +1 on them at some point (preferably first).
Cloudburst has good HP growth, while Debris takes half damage from physical attacks and all elements. Cloudburst is the better of the two, with access to Friendly Fire (Feral Link), which you will love for low damage enemies. In the end, you will probably want to use Cloudburst for Ice and Wind, while using Debris for Fire and Lightning. Make sure to infuse both with Chain Bonus Boost II (from Pink Lily).



Pulsework Knight

Easy to max out and will probably be your first SEN. It comes with HP +25% which you can infuse to your later SEN. Not as useful in later gameplay, especially when you have access to the Armadillos.


Probably your best choice for a long-term SEN, it learns Challenge early and has a final high raw HP. You should infuse it with Mediguard asap from the Pulsework Knight.



Black Chocobo/Chelicerata/Necrosis/Dendrobium

Improved Debuffing is the reason these guys are worthwhile, but Dendrobium is cheaper to level. Simply infuse any status ailments missing from their learned abilities and you will have an all-around good SAB. Not that you will be using them much.




Infusion fodder for En-type spells. Make sure you recatch this guy each time you use him so you can be ready to infuse him whenever.


Your best choice for an offensive SYN, its fairly cheap. Infuse it with all the En-type spells from Amanojaku to increase its ability set. This is a good final SYN if you don't plan to do chocobos (or if you do and just don't care about having all chocobos for all Paradigm Shift sets.

Thexteron/Gancanagh Ace

Similar monsters except that Thexteron learns Bravery and Bravega, while Gancanagh Ace has Faith and Faithga. This allows you to enhance a single damage type depending on your party. In general, having two seperate SYN for magic or melee buffs will help you get the specific buffs you want for certain weakness enemies.

Purple Chocobo

If you're going for the chocobo set, this will be your choice for SYN, but given the advantage of narrowing your SYN's buffs you will probably want to keep one of the previous SYN.




This is the sole natural bearer of the passive skill Resist Elements +30% and therefore infusion fodder. Believe me, this is really useful.


This will become your first MED of any real use. It learns Cura, Esunada, and Improved Cure II.

Green Chocobo

This is the best candidate for a top tier MED. Be sure to infuse it with Esuna and Esunada from Flanitor. You should also infuse it with Feral Speed II. I used this for about 70% of my game and it was perfect.

I used the above, but that does not mean they are the ONLY ones you can use. There are plenty of other options and personal preferences, but these are what I used based on Piggybacks suggested monsters.


Monster Crystal Checklist

[_] Ahriman
[_] Albino Lobo
[_] Amanojaku
[_] Apkallu
[_] Apotamkin
[_] Bamapama
[_] Barbed Specter
[_] Black Chocobo
[_] Bloodfang Bass
[_] Blue Chocobo
[_] Bomb
[_] Breshan Bass
[_] Buccaboo
[_] Buccaboo Ace
[_] Bunkerbeast
[_] Cactuar
[_] CactuaramaUse Improved Moogle Throw in The Black Sand of A Dying World [700 AF].
[_] CactuarinaUse Improved Moogle Throw in the Meteorite Impact Site in New Bodhum [003 AF].
[_] Cactuaroni
[_] Cait Sith
[_] Calautidon
[_] Caterchipillar
[_] Ceratoraptor
[_] Chelicerata
[_] ChichiUse Improved Moogle Throw in the The Archylte Steppe where red flowers are blooming by Long Gui spawn.
[_] Chocobo
[_] Chunerpeton
[_] Circuitron
[_] Clematis
[_] Clione
[_] Cloudburst
[_] Crawler
[_] Cryohedron
[_] Deathgaze
[_] Debris
[_] Dendrobium
[_] Don Tonberry
[_] Dragoon
[_] Dreadnought
[_] Exoray
[_] Fachan
[_] Fencer
[_] Feral Behemoth
[_] Flanbanero
[_] Flanborg
[_] Flandit
[_] Flangonzola
[_] Flanitor
[_] Flowering Cactuar
[_] Forked Cat
[_] Frag Leech
[_] Gahongas
[_] Gancanagh
[_] Gancanagh Ace
[_] Gandayaks
[_] Garchimacera
[_] Garganzola
[_] Garuda
[_] Gigantuar
[_] Goblin
[_] Goblin Chieftan
[_] Golden Chocobo
[_] Gorgonopsid
[_] Greater Behemoth
[_] Green Chocobo
[_] Gremlin
[_] Grenade
[_] Haguma
[_] Hedge Frog
[_] Hoplite
[_] Illuyankas
[_] Imp
[_] Kanna Kamuy
[_] Koboldroid Yang
[_] Koboldroid Yin
[_] Lancer
[_] LeyakUse Improved Moogle Throw at the group of Miniflan while riding the Animal Trail in Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF].
[_] Lucidon
[_] Luminous Puma
[_] Major Moblin
[_] Managarmr
[_] Mandrake
[_] Meonekton
[_] Metal Gigantuar
[_] Mewmao
[_] Microchu
[_] Mimi
[_] Miniflan
[_] Miquiztli
[_] Moblin
[_] Mud Frog
[_] Munchkin
[_] Munchkin Maestro
[_] NanochuUse Improved Moogle Throw at the patch of land in the Clearwater Marshes of The Archylte Steppe.
[_] Narasimha
[_] Navidon
[_] Necrosis
[_] Nekton
[_] Notsugo
[_] Oannes
[_] Orion
[_] Pantopoda
[_] Pink Lily
[_] Pitterpatter
[_] Pleuston
[_] Proto-Behemoth
[_] Pulsework Gladiator
[_] Pulsework Knight
[_] Pulsework Soldier
[_] Purple Chocobo
[_] RangdaUse Improved Moogle Throw from the pier into the ocean in New Bodhum [003 AF].
[_] Reaver
[_] Red Chocobo
[_] Sahagin Prince
[_] Samovira
[_] Sarracenia
[_] Schrodinger
[_] Scutari
[_] Seeping Brie
[_] Shaguma
[_] Silver ChocoboUse Improved Moogle Throw at the projection platform of Cocooon in the Research Lab in Academia [4XX AF].
[_] Silver Lobo
[_] Spiceacilian
[_] Spiranthes
[_] Svarog
[_] Swampmonk
[_] Tabasco Toad
[_] Tempest
[_] Testudo
[_] Tezcatlipoca
[_] Thermadon
[_] Thexteron
[_] Tonberry
[_] Triffid
[_] Twilight Odin
[_] Unsaganashi
[_] Uridimmu
[_] Vespid
[_] Vespid Soldier
[_] Viking
[_] Vodianoi
[_] Vouivre
[_] White Chocobo
[_] Xolotl
[_] Yaksha
[_] Yakshini
[_] Yeoman
[_] Zaghnal
[_] Zwerg Metrodroid
[_] Zwerg Scandroid


Monster Materials

Potent Droplet1Biological
Potent Bolt1Mechanical
Potent Sliver2Biological
Potent Chip2Mechanical
Potent Orb3Biological
Potent Engine3Mechanical
Potent Essence4Biological
Potent Booster4Mechanical
Potent Crystal5Biological
Potent Generator5Mechanical
Vitality Droplet1Biological
Vitality Bolt1Mechanical
Vitality Sliver2Biological
Vitality Chip2Mechanical
Vitality Orb3Biological
Vitality Engine3Mechanical
Vitality Essence4Biological
Vitality Booster4Mechanical
Vitality Crystal5Biological
Vitality Generator5Mechanical
Power Droplet1Biological
Power Bolt1Mechanical
Power Sliver2Biological
Power Chip2Mechanical
Power Orb3Biological
Power Engine3Mechanical
Power Essence4Biological
Power Booster4Mechanical
Power Crystal5Biological
Power Generator5Mechanical
Mana Droplet1Biological
Mana Bolt1Mechanical
Mana Sliver2Biological
Mana Chip2Mechanical
Mana Orb3Biological
Mana Engine3Mechanical
Mana Essence4Biological
Mana Booster4Mechanical
Mana Crystal5Biological
Mana Generator5Mechanical



It appears that some Adornments can be gotten in multiple versions of an areas timeline. If you are having issues with an item, try getting it in another timeline. In general, I list the most commonly confirmed area based on EnergyFlows thread on the GameFAQ forums.

Pink Flower

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

White Flower

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Void Beyond (you will need to access an early version of The Void Beyond by closing either the SUnleth Waterscape [300 AF] or the Yaschas Massif [01X] gates and playing through the events until you reach The Void Beyond (DO NOT SKIP the events when you enter the gate to The Void)

Purple Flower

  • Chocolina: Oera [200 AF]

Crimson Flower

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Pink Ribbon

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - NORA House

Orange Bow Tie

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Augusta Tower [300 AF] - 15th Floor

Yellow-Rimmed Glasses

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - Entrance Terminal

Pink-Rimmed Glasses

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Black-Rimmed Glasses

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Gold Shades

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Violet Shades

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Vacationer's Shades

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop


  • Chocobo Race Reward: Super Sleuth


  • Chocolina: Academia [500 AF]

Orange Newsboy Cap

  • Treaure: Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Pink Newsboy Cap

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - Roof of Serah's Room

Sky Blue Silk Hat

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - Grand Avenue Square Terminal

Train Conductor Beret

  • Treasure: Augusta Tower [200 AF]

Train Conductor Cap

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Victorious

Chef's Hat

  • Chocolina: Episode 5 - Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Orion Knight's Helm

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Undying Cup

Red Mage's Chapeau

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Pink Party Hat

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Coliseum

Party Hat

  • Serendipity: Casino Ship

Tranquil Headdress

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

Headdress of Courage

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Blue Moogle Bobble

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Derby Champ

Blue Feather Hairpin

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Oerba [200 AF]

Dusk Feather Hairpin

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - Winding Way

Chocobo Feather Pin

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]

Red Beacon

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Augusta Tower [300 AF] - 14th Floor

Orange Beacon

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - Entrance Terminal

Youthful Parasol

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Sentimental Parasol

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Blue Propeller

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - From the pier to the ocean

Red Propeller

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]


  • Chocobo Race Reward: Moneybags

Fragment Crystal

Gold Gear

  • Treasure: Academia [400 AF]

Silver Gear

Shooting Star

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Gold Anchor

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Bresha Ruins [300 AF]

Musical Bell

  • Chocolina: Episode 6 - Academia [500 AF]


  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Archylte Steppe - Nomad Camp

Bunny Ears

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Ripe Apple

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Underdog

Suspicious Mushroom

Improved Moogle Throw: Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

Toxic Mushroom

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF] - Animal Trail

Delicious Mushroom

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

White Tree

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Festive Tree

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Tropical Tree

  • Chocobo Race Reward: All-Rounder

Yellow Butterfly

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Yaschas Massif [010/01X AF] - It's a bad percentage to get this, but it's there.

Orange Butterfly

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - Beachfront

Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Chocolina: Episode 5 - Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Rum Raisin Ice Cream

  • Chocolina: Episode 5 - Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Mint Chip Ice Cream

  • Chocolina: Episode 5 - Bresha Ruins [005 AF]

Single Horn

  • Treasure: The Archylte Steppe


  • Improved Moogle Throw: Oerba [200 AF] - Top of the western curved roof building of near Power Wristband treasure

White Bushy Mustache

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - New Town Southwest Terminal

Brown Bushy Mustache

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Vile Peaks [010 AF] - Wrack and Ruin

Masquerade Mask

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Coliseum

Queen's Mask

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Carnival Mask

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - Grand Avenue Square Terminal

Summoner's Mask

  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Serah Mask

Mog Mask

  • Chocolina: Post-Story - Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

Lightning Mask

Treasure: Serendipity - Unlockables

Retro Serah Mask

  • Chocolina: Post-Story - Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

Retro Mog Mask

  • Chocolina: Post-Story - Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

Retro Lightning Mask

  • Chocolina: Post-Story - Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

Crystal Apple

  • 100% Cinematic Reward: Proto Fal'Cie Adam

Crystal Petal

  • 100% Cinematic Reward: Zenobia

Crystal Heart

  • 100% Cinematic Reward: Royal Ripeness

Mog Figurine

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Omega Weapon Cup

Carbuncle Figurine

Treasure: Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

Cactuar Figurine

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Nirvana Cup

Cute Cactuar Figurine

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Orphan's Cup

Mini Flan Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Archylte Steppe - Red Flowers near Long Gui spawn

Tonberry Figurine

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Grade-Getter

Woolly Sheep Figurine

Treasure: The Archylte Steppe

Red Chocobo Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Archylte Steppe - Cactuar-shaped rock in Stonestump Wastelands

Blue Chocobo Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Vile Peaks [010 AF] - Another Man's Treasure

Purple Chocobo Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]

White Chocobo Figurine

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Shalong Gui Cup

Black Chocobo Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Archylte Steppe - Clearwater Marshes

Gold Chocobo Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - Meteorite Impact Site

Silver Chocobo Figurine

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]

Red Chocobo Chick

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Bird on Fire

Blue Chocobo Chick

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Augusta Tower [300 AF] - 12th Floor

Purple Chocobo Chick

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]

Black Chocobo Chick

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Vile Peaks [200 AF] - Another Man's Treasure

Gold Chocobo Chick

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Archylte Steppe - Cactuar-shaped rock in Stonestump Wastelands

Silver Chocobo Chick

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]

Staff of Judgement

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Coliseum

Grudge Knife

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - New Town North Terminal

Frying Pan

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Trooper

White Guitar

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]

Blue Guitar

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Academia [4XX AF] - New Town

Electric Guitar

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Speedster

Long Gui's Shell

  • Improved Moogle Throw: A Dying World [700 AF]
  • Serendipity: Casino Shop

Adamantoise Shell

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Archylte Steppe - Plains of Eternity

Long Gui Backpack

  • Chocolina: Episode 6 - Academia [500 AF]

Sahagin Hide Backpack

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Oerba [Any AF] - The Ashensand

Moogle Wing

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Augusta Tower [300 AF] - 13th Floor

Cie'th Wing

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Tonberry Cup

Aqua Fairy Wings

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

Snowy Fairy Wings

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - New Town Southwest Terminal

Fairy Wings

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Gold Medal

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Weaponmeister

Silver Medal

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Monster Hunter

Bronze Medal

  • Chocobo Race Reward: King of Cocoon

Mark of the l'Cie

  • Treasure: Academia [400 AF]

Mark of Etro

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Supreme fal'Cie Chocobo

Mark of Lindzei

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Guardian Eliminator

Behemoth Crest

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - New Town North Terminal

Flower Pattern

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - Grand Avenue Square Terminal

Black Tattoo

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Yaschas Massif [01X AF] - Above the Command Center with Hope and Alyssa.

Pink Tattoo

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]


  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Vile Peaks - Dismal Dunescape

Stormy Motors Logo

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Bresha Ruins [005 AF] - Inside Atlas's hand

Sky Blue NORA Symbol

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [700 AF]

Green NORA Symbol

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]

Canned Sheep Logo

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Lindzei Cup

Canned Coyo Logo

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Pulse Cup

Lebreau's Black Tattoo

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [700 AF]

Lebreau's Violet Tattoo

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Fortitude

Gadot's Black Emblem

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [700 AF] - Fallen tree blocking the rest of Winding Path

Gadot's Blue Emblem

  • Improved Moogle Throw: New Bodhum [003 AF] - Beachfront

Gadot's Red Emblem

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - Entrance Terminal

Guardian Corps Badge

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Academia [4XX] - Near the east Gate

Guard's Ravager Badge

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Fifth Ark Cup

Red Commando Badge

  • Treasure: Augusta Tower [300 AF]

Guard's Medic Badge

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]

Pilot's Badge

  • Chocobo Race Reward: Cactuar Cup

Green Pilot's Badge

  • Improved Moogle Throw: The Arcylte Steppe - Clearwater Marshes

Blue Pilot's Badge

  • Treasure: Augusta Tower [300 AF]

Orange Pilot's Badge

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - New Town Southwest Terminal

Blue PSICOM Spaulders

  • Treasure: Augusta Tower [300 AF]

Red PSICOM Spaulders

  • Brain Blitz Quiz Reward: Academia [4XXX AF] - New Town North Terminal

Green PSICOM Spaulders

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Academia - Grand Avenue

PSICOM Label Pin

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Augusta Tower [200 AF]

PSICOM Officer Pin

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]

Upper Rank Insignia

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]

Lower Rank Insignia

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]

Gold Padlock

  • Chocolina: Oerba [200 AF]

Silver Padlock

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Academia - Research Facility

Gold Brooch

  • Chocolina: Academia [4XX AF]

Silver Brooch

  • Improved Moogle Throw: Academia - Grand Avenue



The following information is based on the raw stats only and does not mean that you will not get more bonuses by using your CP on large nodes in different order.






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Suggested Crystarium Builds

These are the suggested builds by Piggyback that maximize the Strength or Noel and the Magic of Serah. You can choose a more balanced version if you want by using the follow list of bonuses for each role on a large node:


  • +2 Strength


  • +2 Magic


  • +6 HP


  • +2 Stength (on even levels)
  • +2 Magic (on odd levels)


  • +6 HP (on even levels)
  • +2 Magic (on odd levels)


  • +6 HP

If you "mess up", don't freak out. The bonus is minimal and if you really care, try reseting your game before you load into a new area and get an auto-save.


Suggested Serah Crystarium Expansion

StageCP CostExpansion BonusCOMRAVSENSABSYNMEDRole Bonuses
12,5809103All 8 RAV (+16 Magic)
24,570ATB+120193All 9 RAV (+18 Magic)
35,580Unlock SAB26233115 RAV, 4 SAB (+18 Magic)
47,360Unlock MED262931886 RAV, 3 SAB (+18 Magic)
57,890SAB Bonus Boost I3032329103 RAV, 6 SAB (+18 Magic)
68,340SAB Bonus Boost II3335541103 RAV, 6 SAB (+18 Magic)
79,480Accessory Capasity +204141547106 RAV, 3 SAB (+18 Magic)
89,960COM Bonus Boost I4149550198 RAV, 1 SAB (+18 Magic)
910,130ATB +1415855030All 9 RAV (+18 Magic)
1016,840MED Bonus Boost I41622160304 RAV, 5 SAB (+18 Magic)
1119,390Ultima Bow5062257730All 9 SAB (+18 Magic)
1219,930COM Bonus Boost II50633893301 RAV, 8 SAB (+18 Magic)
1321,420Accessory Capacity +2056695099306 RAV, 3 SAB (+18 Magic)
1424,620RAV Bonus Boost I7778509930All 9 RAV (+18 Magic)
1525,530RAV Bonus Boost II7787509951All 9 RAV (+18 Magic)
1626,170Unlock SYN779550993718 RAV, 1 SYN (+18 Magic)
1730,560MED Bonus Boost II7796509919841 RAV, 8 SYN (+18 Magic)
1833,000Accessory Capasity +107797639935841 RAV, 8 SYN (+18 Magic)
1936,100SEN Bonus Boost I7798769951841 RAV, 8 SYN (+18 Magic)
2052,600SEN Bonus Boost II7799509967971 RAV, 8 SYN (+18 Magic)
2194,600SYN Bonus Boost I7799999983988 SYN, 1 MED (+ 6 HP, +16 Magic)
22107,600SYN Bonus Boost II9999999999998 SYN, 1 MED (+6 HP, +16 Magic)


Suggested Noel Crystarium Expansion

StageCP CostExpansion BonusCOMRAVSENSABSYNMEDRole Bonuses
12,5801093All 8 COM (+16 Strength)
24,570ATB+119203All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
35,580Unlock SYN23263114 COM, 5 SYN (+8 Strength, +10 Magic)
47,360Unlock MED32303118All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
57,890COM Bonus Boost I41413118All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
68,340RAV Bonus Boost I424432781 COM, 8 SYN (+2 Strength, +16 Magic)
79,480Accessory Capacity +20514432719All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
89,960MED Bonus Boost I604432730All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
910,130MED Bonus Boost II695032735All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
1016,840COM Bonus Boost II70501643351 COM, 8 SYN (+2 Strength, +16 Magic)
1119,390Meteor Javelin76503350356 COM, 3 SYN (+12 Strength, +6 Magic)
1219,930Accesspry Capacity +2081614057355 COM, 4 SYN (+10 Strength, +8 Magic)
1321,420RAV Bonus Boost II9082405735All 9 COM (+18 Strength)
1424,620Accessory Capacity +1095994065355 COM, 4 SYN (+10 Strength, +8 Magic)
1525,530Unlock SAB9599401569477 SAB, 2 SYN (+14 Strength, +4 Magic)
1626,170ATB +19599402973597 SAB, 2 SYN (+14 Strength, +4 Magic)
1730,560SAB Bonus Boost I9599403783714 SAB, 5 SYN (+8 Strength, +10 Magic)
1833,000SYN Bonus Boost I959950548374All 9 SAB (+18 Strength)
1936,100SAB Bonus Boost II9699637083741 COM, 8 SAB (+18 Strength)
2052,600SEN Bonus Boost I9799767099741 COM, 8 SYN (+2 Strength, +16 Magic)
2194,600SYN Bonus Boost II9899998699741 COM, 8 SAB (+18 Strength)
22107,600SEN Bonus Boost II9999999999991 COM, 8 SAB (+18 Strength)


Chocolina Shops

Chocolina is the only merchant in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Her shop will expand as you visit more areas and carry over to each other. The exceptopn to this is the Special category which is location specific.

Any location not listed has what you've unlocked so far with Gysahl Greens as her Special.


Bresha Ruins [003 AF]

Phoenix Down1,600
Howling Soul960
AccessoriesIron Bangle300
Black Belt500
Rune Bracelet500
Star Pendant650
Pearl Necklace650
Warding Talisman650
Monster MaterialsPotent Droplet80
Potent Bolt80
SpecialGysahl Greens300
Special*General's Belt1,800
Witch's Bracelet1,800
Delicate Royal Amulet2,500
Durable Royal Amulet7,500
Delicate Entite Ring6,000
Durable Entite Ring6,000
Mint Chip Ice Cream500
Strawberry Ice Cream500
Rum Raisin Ice Cream500
Chef's Hat1,000
  • After reaching Augusta Tower [200 AF]


Yaschas Massif [010 AF]

Wound Potion300
Holy Water100
WeaponsLunar Stinger2,000
Volatile Spark2,000
Amazon Bow780
Survivor's Edge780
Faerie's Bow780
Rune Tooth780
AccessoriesPower Wristband1,000
Magician's Mark1,000
Metal Armband650
Serenity Sachet650
Delicate Iron Bangle450
Durable Iron Bangle150
Delicate Black Belt750
Durable Black Belt250
Delicate Rune Bracelet750
Durable Rune Bracelet250
Monster MaterialsPower Droplet80
Mana Droplet80
Vitality Droplet80
Power Droplet80
Mana Bolt80
Vitality Bolt80


Yaschas Massif [01X AF]

SpecialSilver Bangle500
Special*Brawler's Wristband4,000
Shaman's Mark4,000
Durable Kaiser Knuckles18,000
Durable Magistral Crest18,000
  • After reaching Academia [500 AF]


Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]

AccessoriesFrost Ring1,000
Spark Ring1,000
Zephyr Ring1,000
Special*Blaze Ring4,200
Icicle Ring4,200
Fulmen Ring4,200
Gale Ring4,200
Special*Delicate Fire Aegis5,000
Delicate Ice Aegis5,000
Delicate Lightning Aegis5,000
Delicate Wind Aegis5,000
Mog Mask10,000
Retro Serah Mask10,000
Retro Lightning Mask10,000
Retro Mog Mask10,000
  • After reaching Academia [4XX AF]
  • Post-Story
  • After reaching Yaschas Massif [01X AF]
  • After reaching Augusta Tower [200 AF]
  • After reaching Academia [500 AF]
  • Post-Story


Academia [400 AF]

WeaponsRaging Arc4,500
Blazing Spirit4,500
Fellowship Arc1,520
Avenger's Edge1,520
Rune Feather1,520
AccessoriesDelicate Silver Bangle750
Durable Silver Bangle250
Monster MaterialsPower Sliver400
Mana Sliver400
Vitalty Sliver400
Power Chip400
Mana Chip400
Vitality Chip400
SpecialGuardian Amulet2,200
Delicate Guardian Amulet1,100
Auric Amulet2,200
Delicate Auric Amulet1,100
Watchman's Amulet2,200
Delicate Watchman's Amulet1,100
Hero's Amulet2,200
Delicate Hero's Amulet1,100
Saint's Amulet2,200
Delicate Saint's Amulet1,100
Zealot's Amulet2,200
Delicate Zealot's Amulet1,100


Augusta Tower [200 AF]

AccessoriesDelicate Spark Ring1,500
Durable Spark Ring500
Delicate Zephyr Ring1,500
Durable Zephyr Ring500
SpecialSniper's Eye2,200
Delicate Sniper's Eye1,100
Twist Headband2,200
Delicate Twist Headband1,100
Delicate Bloodguard1,100


Academia [4XX AF]

AccessoriesDelicate General's Belt2,700
Durable General's Belt900
Delicate Witch's Bracelet2,700
Durable Witch's Bracelet900
SpecialGuardian Amulet2,200
Delicate Guardian Amulet1,100
Auric Amulet2,200
Delicate Auric Amulet1,100
Auric Amulet2,200
Delicate Auric Amulet1,100
Pink Tattoo300
Green NORA Symbol300
Lower Rank Insignia500
Gold Brooch500
Guard's Medic Badge3,000
Upper Rank Insignia500
PSICOM Officer Pin500


Academia [500 AF]

Fatal Barb5,200
Eurytos's Bow5,200
AccessoriesDelicate Gold Bangle6,300
Durable Gold Bangle2,100
Delicate Blaze Ring6,300
Durable Blaze Ring2,100
Delicate Icicle Ring6,300
Durable Icicle Ring2,100
Delicate Fulmen Ring6,300
Durable Fulmen Ring2,100
Delicate Gale Ring6,300
Durable Gale Ring2,100
Delicate Brawler's Wristband6,000
Durable Brawler's Wristband2,000
Delicate Shaman's Mark6,000
Durable Shaman's Mark2,000
Delicate Pain Dampener325
Delicate White Cape325
Delicate Obsidian Choker325
Monster MaterialsPower Orb800
Mana Orb800
Vitality Orb800
Power Essence2,600
Mana Essence2,600
Vitality Essence2,600
Power Engine800
Mana Engine800
Vitality Engine800
Power Booster2,600
Mana Booster2,600
Vitality Booster2,600
Long Gui Backpack300
Musical Bell300
Mac an Luin80,000
Arcus Chronica150,000
In Paradisum150,000
Monster Materials*Potent Crystal8,000
Potent Generator8,000
  • Post-Story


A Dying World [700 AF]

Angel's Bow2,280
Nomad's Machete2,280
AccessoriesPain Dampener650
White Cape650
Obsidian Choker650


Casino Shop

Wild Artefact10,000
Shuffle (Common)200
Shuffle (Graded)200
Phoenix Down400
Unicorn Horn1,600
Phoenix Blood1,600
Summoner's Mask5,000
Party Hat10,000
Shooting Star1,000
Black-Rimmed Glasses3,000
Pink-Rimmed Glasses3,000
Long Gui's Shell3,000
Bunny Ears10,000
Red Mage's Chapeau10,000
Queen's Mask3,000
Vacationer's Shades3,000
Gold Shades3,000
Violet Shades3,000
Chaos Crystal10,000
Just 1 gil!9,800
Setzer's Dice10,000



Normally, the Bestiary is useless unless a game requires you to get every enemy in the database, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 has made me actually care about the enemies by adding Tameable Monsters.

Let's quickly go over how to read this section.

HabitatThe map(s) where you can encounter this enemy.
TameableThe Role and chance to tame an enemy.
HPMax Hit Points.
StrengthThe higher the number, the more damage dealt via physical attacks.
MagicThe higher the number, the more damage dealt via magic attacks.
StaggerPercent at which the enemy staggers at.
LibraThe lower the number, the more time it takes to fill the enemy data.
Chain ResistanceThe higher the number, the longer it takes to fill the Chain Gauge.
KeepThe higher the number, the more difficult it is to interrupt its actions.
LaunchProbability of using COM's Launch ability.
  • Any resistances not listed are Normal



Habitat - New Bodhum [003 AF], Bresha Ruins [005 AF], The Void Beyond

Tameable - RAV (15%)

HP180Chain Res.0Physical Dmg.-
Strength7Stagger Pt.110%Magic Dmg.-
Magic7Keep5Fire Dmg.-
CP4LaunchWeaknessIce Dmg.-
Gil10Libra30Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotion10%
Rare DropPhoenix Down5%



Habitat - Oerba [200 AF], The Archylte Steppe, The Void Beyond

Tameable - SYN (20%)

HP1,980Chain Res.0Physical Dmg.-
Strength65Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.-
Magic65Keep5Fire Dmg.-
CP40LaunchWeaknessIce Dmg.-
Gil54Libra20Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotent Droplet25%
Rare DropPower Silver5%



Habitat - The Void Beyond, A Dying World [700 AF], New Bodhum [700 AF], Academia [500 AF]

Tameable - RAV (10%)

HP6,550Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.-
Strength35Stagger Pt.150%Magic Dmg.-
Magic110Keep10Fire Dmg.-
CP75LaunchWeaknessIce Dmg.-
Gil180Libra20Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotent Orb30%
Rare DropPotent Essence5%



Habitat - New Bodhum [003 AF], Bresha Ruins [005 AF], The Void Beyond

Tameable - COM (15%)

HP960Chain Res.0Physical Dmg.-
Strength15Stagger Pt.110%Magic Dmg.-
Magic21Keep15Fire Dmg.-
CP12LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
Gil20Libra30Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotion15%
Rare DropPhoenix Down5%



Habitat - Oerba [200 AF], The Archlyte Steppe, The Void Beyond

Tameable - SAB (20%)

HP6,820Chain Res.25Physical Dmg.-
Strength72Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.-
Magic120Keep15Fire Dmg.-
CP70LaunchWeaknessIce Dmg.-
Gil72Libra30Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotent Sliver20%
Rare DropMana Sliver10%



Habitat - The Void Beyond, A Dying World [700 AF], New Bodhum [700 AF], Academia [500 AF]

Tameable - SAB (10%)

HP16,500Chain Res.66Physical Dmg.-
Strength220Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.-
Magic280Keep25Fire Dmg.-
CP75LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
Gil180Libra20Lightning Dmg.-
Wind Dmg.-
Common DropPotent Booster30%
Rare DropPhoenix Blood2%