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Let the Fantasy continue in Final Fantasy 13-2CraiCrushna9/10
'Compilation Syndrome' strikes again.DDJGames5/10
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Time and memory, frozen in crystal.Ouderkirkj9/10
...And the Truth Shall Set You FreeSise_Neg3/10
The story leaves something to be desired, but it's a fun journey nonetheless.Bkstunt_318/10
Exercises in Futility (Lots and lots of SPOILERS)bstrdhd3/10
Improvements over FFXIII in some areas, but far too many poor choices let it downCrocomire6/10
It's good, but it's hard to shake the feeling it could've been better if it weren't a sequelDonald Love 877/10
Final Fantasy XIII-2 raises the bar for every JRPG to come, in a different way.ethan32107/10
An improvement to the FF 13 but whether the improvement is accepted or not?Fiz578/10
Story may not make much sense but it's still a lot of fun to playIyamtebist8/10
A big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff.Jerec3/10
Lightning strikes twice, kupo!Kashell Triumph9/10
Turn the clocks back, it's time for redemptionKayos907/10
Freedom is not earned without a pricelilithdarkstorm6/10
The series steps into the future by learning from the past.Lsnake8/10
Final Fantasy meets Chrono Trigger meets Ghost in the Shell!?Mimeblade9/10
Oh how the mighty have fallenRaganork106/10
If at first you don't succeed...SuperPhillip8/10
Attempts to fix XIII's problems, but only makes many new ones in the processtheofficefan996/10
Lightning doesnt strike twice, but solid gameplay and content makes up for it.Xyphas9/10
Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a good game which took many wrong steps.yeah_936/10

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