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Asked: 3 years ago

Can't play Dead Money?

So I bought, downloaded, and installed the DLC on my PS3. I start up new vegas, go to Downloadable Content on the main menu, but nothing shows up. I even tried redownloading it, but it didn't help. Any ideas?

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do you have the right game? in the PSN store it says that you need your game to be a specific code. you'll find your game code on the spine of the game case. hope this helps!

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Double check to make sure that the version you bought matches the verson of your game (Mine were both BLUS30500, so that wasn't the problem for me)

I had some trouble getting mine to load up too. I had to go to the "Game Data Utility" There was an item "Fallout: New Vegas - (CA)". Once I deleted it, I was able to get all of the DLC to work.

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