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Need help getting kills in a jet?

I'm having trouble getting kills in a jet. I've only gotten one kill so far and I dont even have IR Flares. Any tips on racking up kills/

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blackart1111 answered:

Practice popping in and out of third person view,i find this makes flying a lot easier.Once i find a target i pop back into first person to shoot it down.Just got the missiles last week. =)
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Shpalman answered:

Initially I think you can only try to destroy enemy jets or choppers, because ground targets such as tanks and APC, although they are slow, are hard to hit and to damage (the gatling/machine gun don't inflict too much damage)... I'm also trying to improve my skills, but the jet is not easy to guide and aim, so I think you just need practice, as I need too...
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Shpalman answered:

P.S.: try to do immelman turn (half loop) to get back fast to your target while you remain in your lane attack and to increase your altitude
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TassarasGR answered:

Try to maintain a distance that allows you to hit the enemy and don't lose him while he maneuvers. and remember: practice makes better. when you get the flares, it will be more convenient
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kai567 answered:

Play rush on the Kharg island map (its best to be on the defending side because the attackers have a bunch of land/sea vehicles and a helicopter and a jet) go far up in the air and spot the enemy vehicles and slow down as much as you can, try to come in at a 45-65 degree angle and shoot the crap out of them,(dont shoot all your rounds at once or you will be screwed) fire for a couple of seconds, release, then start firing again. Oh and while your manuvering into position to fire its best to change the view, that way you can see the whole environment around you so you dont blow yourself up turning or something. Spot helps A LOT, make sure you have a full squad that way you have a higher chance of getting spot bonuses. Just keep doing that and you'll be getting kills in no time. Hope this helps ahaha.
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